Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Automotive freight, Cash for Clunkers

Cash for Clunkers”
The new “cash for clunkers” program is giving dealers a need boost in sales. On eligible vehicles you could receive anywhere from $3,500.00 to $4,500.00 for your trade in. Not to mention other incentives given by the manufacturers. In one case a consumer received $8000.00 with trade-in and incentives.

On the other side not all auto recyclers agree with conditions set for recycling program for the destruction of the gas guzzlers. Recycler’s major income from each scrapped car is the engine and drive trains. Under the new program the dealers must replace the engine oil with a sodium silicate solution and run the engine until ruin. Many recyclers cannot fathom the idea of destroying usable parts. These parts could be used for those who cannot afford to buy a new vehicle, but still have to maintain theirs.

Also this will mean a well needed boost for the automotive freight industry. For the next few months auto carriers should see an increase in freight.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Understanding transit time

Understanding the transit time of a vehicle being shipped can reduce confusion by both parties involved. Some times when individuals are moving cars for the first time, the time it takes to deliver the car can seem to long or too quick. The time of transportation can largely be effected by the auto transport company you hired to move the car. This means that if you received a quote that is too low for the distance of the trip it would be safe to say that your vehicle will sit at the pick up location until a carrier with an open spot can load it. Each spot on the carrier’s trailer represents a dollar value that must be meet to fund the expensive of fuel and labor. This is one factor that is really the most important factor to consider when shipping cars. If you are looking for the cheapest price to ship your vehicle from coast to coast and you need it done fast, there’s a good chance this auto transport will take longer then one that is paying more for the same route.

Another factor that can determine the transit time can be the route of transportation. Most state to state moves have many drivers that run these routes, but few states have less traffic from carriers because there is less cargo to drop off or pick up. For this reason some routes may take a little longer then others, but still always make it.

Keep this information in mind next time you are looking to ship cars.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tips to save money while buying a used car

Well the decade of wealth and exuberance is gone.For a lot of Americans excessive items like a new car is a thing of the past. Now when a family is in need of a new car they are forced to look into buying a used car for car transportation. This is evident in all of the financial problems the big 3 carmakers are having. Their sales are down.

But families will still be needing a form of auto transportation whether it be new or old.But when families are on a tight budget they have to go with a cheaper choice. That alternative is used cars.

A San Diego auto repair shop owner said, in an auto repair magazine," I am asked to inspect some of these used cars. Because when you are making a purchase of a used car, the last thing you want is a lemon.So by making sure there is proper inspection performed, you can avoid the most expensive repairs. I have seen a lot of lemon used cars, because the owners do not take care of them."

So when inspecting these used cars here are a couple of big things to look for.First you will want to inspect the brakes. I know from experience that having to repair brakes can be very costly. If you purchase a car that the brakes weren’t maintained it could become expensive. Last thing you want to happen is the need to get the entire braking system replaced. So be sure you have good brakes.

Second, take care to make sure that it is able to run clean during auto transport. Another way to say it, can it pass the smog test. The last thing you are going to want is the purchase of a used car that needs some expensive repairs. Especially if the repairs are going to involve any emmission problems. If you buy a car that is unable to pass a smog check, that won’t be good. It is a sign that the car wasn’t taken care of. What probably happened is they didn’t do any tuneups or oil changes. These could be the beginning of a lot more issues down the road.

If you make sure to inspect these few items you can save yourself some money. By not doing proper checking you can fall into some huge repair bills. Also, hiring a third party vehicle inpection technician to check the car before you purchase, can save you money if the car has problems. They only cost a few hundred dollars and could save you thousands if the car turns out to be a lemon without inspecting it first.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Car transport Companies

Today more then ever it is important to make sure your vehicle is being transported by a reliable company. As the economy worsens day by day many companies are failing to maintain proper insurance. Insurance and the ability to pay the drivers are very important issues in the auto transport industry. These issues can affect the quality of service you are provided by how the carriers view the company that you book your transportation with.

Let’s say you’re moving from New York to San Diego and your vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz CL 55. When you are talking to different companies about price and transit time, be sure to ask how much insurance they have as an umbrella policy in the event something happens during transit. As many companies are feeling the economic hard times insurance and other monthly payments are not being maintained which could put your vehicle at risk. With the above example of the CL55, a car hauler would need at least $150,000.00 in coverage depending on how many cars the auto transport can hold. This way a reliable company can make sure your vehicle is covered if something where to happen and if the car carriers insurance is voided due to missed payments.

To re-cap the importance of a sound company let’s go through a check list. First, make sure the vehicle transport company uses a car carrier with proper insurance and has an umbrella policy themselves. Second, check to see how long the company you are talking to has been and business and if a member of the BBB. Membership with the BBB means that the company has maintained good relations with their customers and auto carriers. Good relations with [/B] can make all the difference in your auto shipping rates, transit time, and quality of service.

Importance of online transport reviews

Online reviews are free and are very important in selecting a auto transport company. If you are moving cities, switching jobs, or just going on vacation, online reviews of reliable auto transport companies can save you time and money. There are so many company’s out there offering car transportation services one should do their homework before booking with one company. The reviews are your opportunities to get an inside look at the service provided by all the different companies out there.

There are three main issues to look for when reading online reviews. First, look for reviews that talk about the auto shipping rates that the companies have offered. These rates can help you understand how your vehicle will be protected and the type of service that will be provided. Low rates can turn into problems with transit times, insurance coverage, and quality of service you could encounter. Higher rates can be seen as faster transit time, higher insurance coverage, and greater customer service. Second, when reading online look for information about problems other people have encountered with shipping cars. This can help you identify red flags when speaking with agent and help narrow down your options. Problems that other people have encountered can help you understand some of the issues that may come about when transporting cars. Third, online reviews are a great source of being able to see if this company is just a fly by type or one that’s here to stay. You want to make sure that the company you use is one with experience and one that you can rely on if you have any concerns.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What if my car is damaged during auto transport?

When taking delivery of your vehicle after the auto shipment, it is very important that you and the driver should go over the vehicle cautiously to make sure there is no damage, externally or internally that occurred during transport or shipping by the transporters or shippers. Use your notes and photos if you had them before the carrier loaded to check and decide whether a particular scratch or ding is old or new on your vehicle during transport or shipping. The auto carriers inspection report from pickup should have all of vehicles pre existing damage marked.If you come across any damage , which you think may have occurred during the shipping process for your vehicle ,make a note of it on your inspection report, get the driver's signature, and report or state it to the transport company you booked the order with. Your agent will be able to resolve any problems that came about during your vehicle shipment.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What is a car shipping broker?

In car shipping, there are two types of companies: auto carriers and auto brokers. Auto carriers are the actual trucks themselves, and if you deal with a carrier directly you need to be extremely careful about the price and timeline that you’re given, because carriers are known for raising the price on certain routes and taking alot longer than needed to complete your vehicle shipment. Carriers are also very limited to the routes and times you may need. If the carrier only has a few trucks, the auto carrier can not be in very many places at once. So it may be weeks before he can accommodate your car transport. Also, communication may be an issue through your transport. Typically drivers do not answer or talk on the phone while driving.

Car shipping brokerages, on the other hand, are great for service. They keep the prices low by offering the best price for your need and then networking to different auto shippers to transport it, and the best thing is that car shipping broker will handle all of the paperwork and the money for you, so you don’t have to worry about any of the fine details when it comes to shipping your car, and you don’t have to worry about a carrier that may ask for more money at delivery than expected. Car shipping brokers use only the best car carriers in their network, ones that they trust and have a working relationship with, so rest assured that they’re working hard for you.

Also, car shipping brokerages will give you much needed advice for your specific transport needs. Not all transport will be easy, but the broker is there to make it as easy as possible. The auto broker will be available via phone or email most of the time to answer any of your questions through the transport. Actual vehicle shippers will be very hard to get ahold of. So, before you dismiss the broker as just a middle man trying to make a quick dollar, do a little research on the vehicle brokerage company and choose the right one for you. A reliable car shipping broker will have an A+ score with the BBB and have alot of good customer reviews on the internet. Good Luck with your auto transport!