Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Car Haulers Taking More Nissan's to Destination

National car shipping firms and drivers will be taking 2012 Nissan vans to dealers lots around the United States of America sometime during 2011, according to sources at Nissan. Nissan is preparing to launch its first entry into the United States commercial vehicle market and these vans will be called 2012 models, according to Nissan, once they arrive on dealer lots in 2011. Sources at Nissan have also indicated that the commercial vans in question will be built at Nissan's Canton, Mississippi plant using components made in North America, which will keep Americans working and possibly provide more Americans with work during the months and years ahead.

This is good news for car transport service providers in the United States of America that will be tasked with making sure the commercial vans arrive at dealer lots on time and budget. This news also gives the firms in question something to look forward to and hopefully this is just the start of the news concerning new vehicles being taken to dealerships across the United States in 2011 and beyond. Transport firms and drivers conducing enclosed auto transport out on the roads and highways of the United States will certainly smile when they hear this news.

There are still quite a few months between now and the time Nissan expects to see the commercial vans in question start arriving at dealership across the United States. There could be additions to this news and even changes, before the time arrives for the vans in question to be delivered, and we'll keep you up to date as any news arrives.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vehicle Shippers Need Safe Transport Roads

Transport workers and auto shipping firms will be happy to hear that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently announced the launching of a new United States Department of Transportation Buy America web page. According to sources at the Department of Transportation the agency is committed to maximizing the economic benefits of the money the country will be investing in improving and enhancing the transportation infrastructure during the years ahead, and this news is just part of this plan. Ray LaHood made this announcement to vehicle transport workers on hand during the Building America's Future Policy Forum in Charleston, South Carolina. Sources also indicate that the new web page can be accessed through the Buy America web site.

This news seems to go hand-in-hand with recent news of plans to spend more money on improving and enhancing the transportation infrastructure of the United States during the months and years ahead. The idea of making sure we get as much out of the money we invest in America's transportation infrastructure is hardly new news, though, but still a great idea that can often be assumed, and therefore at times overlooked. We want to make sure that all of the transportation projects built in America are done so as cost-effectively as possible, which will leave more money for other jobs.

This news will certainly put a smile on the faces of some transport drivers operating car carriers on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America. Hopefully, we are able to find a few new ways of both improving and enhancing the transport networks of America and saving a little more money along the way to take care of other jobs.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Express Auto Transport Drivers

Transport drivers providing auto transport services for customers in the United States of America looking for a new tool to help them stay in touch with how they stand with the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Carrier Safety Analysis 2010 during the miles ahead can smile. Vigillo recently announced the introduction of Roadside Resume driver scorecard, a transport tool that presents driver scores to allow vehicle shipping drivers to see how they're rated under the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Carrier Safety Analysis 2010, according to Vigillo.

The only transport tool that allows transport drivers to directly see Carrier Safety Analysis 2010 driver scores, according to Vigillo, Roadside Resume driver scorecard will allow drivers to see immediately where they need to improve, and might even make the job of transporting safer during the months and years ahead, according to some transport experts looking at this news. This is something that we'll be able to check once firms and drivers begin using Roadside Resume driver scorecard.

Transport drivers and car hauling firms that want to check out Vigillo's Roadside Resume driver scorecard will only have to wait until later this month, before being able to take a look at this new transport tool. Transport drivers will be able to sign up for a free copy of Vigillo's Roadside Resume, once it becomes available near the end of the month, at Vigillo's website.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Car Transport Companies Show Heart

Transport drivers working for a car transport firm planning on taking part in Wreaths Across America will be glad to hear that the support of the transport trucking industry for this great cause has never been stronger. The trucking industry has always shown strong support for America's veterans each year during the holiday season, by placing wreaths at the grave sites of America's heroes, and this year the cause is expected to place about 500,000 wreaths at the graves of our veterans. Firms that ship cars and trucking firms across the United States will be taking part in the program this year and adding momentum to a cause that was started 19 years ago by the Worchester Wreath Company in Maine.

This year the American Trucking Association, the Owner-Operator and Independent Driver Association and the transport trucking industry of the United States, along with transport industry suppliers like Qualcomm, will be taking part in a ceremony at Fort Rosecrans in Point Loma, near San Diego. At the present moment, a five truck convoy carrying 26,000 wreaths is slowly making its way from Harrington, ME, to Arlington National Ceremony in Washington, DC. They plan on placing the wreaths at the grave sites of veterans during a ceremony on December 11 at the Chattanooga National Cemetery, during which transport workers and drivers from across the United States of America will take part in the wreath placing ceremony.

This news won't surprise firms in the business of controlling car shipping prices who have been taking part in Wreaths Across America for years, or witnessed previous ceremonies. The support of the trucking industry for this fantastic event and cause is something we have all come to expect on a yearly basis and the truckers of America never disappoint.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Enclosed Car Shipping in a Peterbilt Model 587

Transport drivers and car shipping firms looking for a better, more modern transport truck to help them move customers vehicles to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner during the miles ahead should check out Peterbilt's Model 587. The latest reports and reviews from the drivers out on the roads and highways of the nation using Peterbilt's Model 587 indicate that slipping into the seat of this transport truck is like heaven-on-Earth for drivers working for car transport service providers in the United States of America and the world. That the dashboard and instrument panel of Peterbilt's Model 587 seem to be a little taller with this upgrade of Peterbilt's Model 387, which this transport truck is based on, according to the transport drivers and firms that have had a chance to look at Peterbilt's Model 587.

First impressions of the drivers indicates that the hood of Peterbilt's Model 587 is almost invisible when sitting in the driver's seat of this monster transport truck. That Peterbilt's Model 587 appears to have been designed and engineered to provide comfort and security for drivers, as well as the safe and efficient transport of the essential goods Americans need on a daily basis. These changes are only the beginning according to transport experts and car haulers looking at Peterbilt's Model 587, and the enhancements and additions made to this transport truck will please transport truck fleet operators and the drivers that will be using Peterbilt's Model 587 to deliver vehicles in the months and years ahead.

Transport drivers and firms that want to check out Peterbilt's Model 587 transport truck should drop by their local Peterbilt dealer to see if they have one on hand to view, or talk to another transport driver they know drives one of these trucks, in order to see what the professionals think about Peterbilt's Model 587 transport truck.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enclosed Auto Transport Services

Transport drivers and auto shipping firms traveling across the borders of the United States of America deal with the United States Customs and Border Protection's ACE system for sending electronic manifests for transport services crossing the border. Axon's ACE E-Manifest Interface software can now be fully integrated with the US Customs and Border Protection's ACE system, which allows transport drivers and firms to submit transport information electronically to the right people. Axon's ACE E-Manifest software also tracks the status of your submission, and if you don't receive a response within 24 hours, you can resend the request by simply pushing a button. Axon's ACE E-Manifest also provides users with lists of Customs and Border Protection codes for package types, border codes, Schedule K, and UN Dangerous Goods, and allows you to mark the codes you use for future use, which should make the job quicker for vehicle transport services traveling across the borders of the United States of America during the miles ahead.

Axon's ACE E-Manifest also allows users to print out a paper copy for transport drivers to take out on the road with them, which has been formatted according to CBP guidelines. You can use the interface to revise and resubmit a manifest, or to send an electronic message to CBP notifying the people in charge that a transport vehicle will no longer be crossing the border. Vehicle shippers can review both present and past manifests using the ACE Manifest History Report and select the information they want to view, or print out, based on certain criteria, such as reviewing the manifest for a particular transport vehicle, or the expected arrival time of the transport truck in question.

Transport firms and drivers that wish to take a look at Axon's ACE E-Manifest software should contact Axon directly, or talk to their local dealer of Axon products. This could be the new tool that helps you reduce costs and keep customer vehicles moving to destination in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner during the miles ahead.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Car Carriers Get a Turn Key Transport Solution

Having and making use of a modern communications device to provide auto transport fleet operators with mobile resource tracking, dispatch workflow, barcode scanning, signature capture, and push-to-talk ability is an ability that has becoming more and more common in the transport industry of North America during the last few miles. Making sure you know exactly where all of your transport vehicles and other assets are at all times of the day could save you time and money better spent on other activities.

Complete Innovations has just announced that they now offer their Track and Dispatch Suite on the Motorola ES400 handheld device, which allows users to make use of the power of Motorola's ES400 enterprise mobile computer, a vehicle shipping tool powered by Complete Innovation's Fleet Complete and Courier Complete solutions. Designed to be a turn key transport solution for fleet operators of the world, Complete Innovation's ES400 Track and Dispatch Suite provides users with GPS tracking, real-time location tracking of transport vehicles, and the ability to customize alerts for any condition that transport firms can measure that will appear on the screen of fleet managers and be sent to the fleet managers email and mobile phone, just in case.

Once a car is delivered to destination this transport solution allows users to quickly enter the name of a customer and get the signature you need using the ES400 Barcode scanning tool included. You can specify that all waybills, pickups and deliveries are scanned using the integrated 1D UPC and 2D GS1 scanning ability of the ES400, and car hauling drivers can use their handheld device to update the status of transport jobs.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Women Transporting for Car Transport Companies

America will be honoring the women of the car transport industry and all women involved in the trucking business during the 2010 uDrove Humanitarian Bowl on December 18, 2010. People watching the game on ESPN will get a chance to see a 30-second commercial promoting the trucking industry made by the Women in Trucking Association, with the support of companies in the United States of America. The commercial only contains women of trucking and will feature a white Freightliner tractor-trailer driven by truck driver Allyson, Hay, and photos of women truckers standing by their trucks with the words, professional, experienced, dedicated and pioneers. A stylish way to introduce Americans at the game and around the country to a few of the women of trucking out on the roads and highways on a daily basis.

Women of trucking that ship cars for a living and all transport industry workers that want to watch the game to see the commercial should tune into the game on December 18 at 3:30 pm MST. You'll have to watch a portion of the game to see the commercial, but the wait should be worth it, if you want to honor the women of trucking and take a look at some great trucks and the women that drive them to destination on a daily basis. Still, this idea is a great way to help more Americans connect with the express auto transport industry and the transport industry of America as a whole during the miles ahead. Hopefully, the commercial is a success and entertains and connects Americans with the transport industry in some small way, and we see more women in trucking helping to keep the cargo flowing to destination in the years ahead in the United States of America.