Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should I buy vehicles out of state or locally?, Vehicle purchasing and transporting

Depending on your location, shopping online or out of state for your next new or preowned vehicle may be a favorable option. Some markets are better than others depending on the vehicle type, make and model. There is as much as a $2,500 to $5,000 difference in pricing on several "highline" vehicles from one region of the country to another. The same is true for used cars. Each dealership's business office should be able to provide the necessary documentation to allow you to transport the vehicle from one state to another and not have to pay the selling dealer's state' sales tax. Once you register the vehicle in your home state you would have to pay any DMV fees and sales taxes that time, based on the price from the selling dealer.
If you are able to save even $2,000 on the price of a vehicle and have it picked up at the dealership and shipped, door to door, to your home or office for even $800, then you can see the $1,200 savings just in the bottom line. This doesn't even take into account the flexibility you will have by being able to essentially have a nationwide inventory to choose from. This affords you a better chance at getting the exact color and options combination you prefer instead of being limited to your local dealers inventory.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Car Care Tips During the Summer

While you should keep your car under check year round, there are a few things that tend to pop up in the summer and can end up causing major trouble if not addressed promptly.

* Make sure there are no cracks in the radiator. If coolant is leaking, it can end up damaging the engine. Also, a low level of coolant can result in your car overheating.
* Brake pads wear out quicker during the summer because of the heat. Have the brakes checked and replace pads if necessary.
* Damaged or worn belts can cause the air conditioner to work poorly during the summer. This in turn causes your car to use up more gas to cool down the interior and may cause lasting damage as well.
* Your car’s emergency kit should include coolant for the car and bottled water for you. If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you don’t want to be caught without something to drink and keep you hydrated while you’re waiting for help.
* Change your oil at the beginning of summer to make sure it’s in good condition to get you through the heat.
* Get your AC recharged, it does not cost much to recharge your AC. If it is low on freon, the AC unit will have to work harder to cool the car.

Following these few simple steps can help ensure your car is in top shape year around and will also protect your vehicle duing vehicle shipping.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Auto Carriers, Boost for Auto Haulers

Not only auto dealers have felt the boost from “Cash for Clunkers.” Automotive haulers are also reporting that they have seen an increase in business due to the program. As car dealers sit with historic lows in inventory around 47 percent, reports ISuppi’s. Manufactures crank up production with the aim at keeping a 60 day supply in inventory. Now with automotive production in over drive manufactures are placing firm orders to auto haulers. This economic injection could not have come at a better time. Auto carriers on the brink of shutting their doors now will be able to hold on for a few more months. This extra work is expected to last over the few months.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Diesel Rises 3.2¢ to $2.528

The U.S. average retail diesel price rose 3.2 cents a gallon last week to $2.528, the first increase in five weeks, the Department of Energy reported.

Diesel prices can effect your auto transport. If you are thinking about arranging an auto transport and are flexible in your time frame, you may want to watch diesel prices. When diesel prices are up so are auto transport prices. Most companies do not actually charge a separate fuel surcharge, but auto shipping companies do factor fuel prices in the auto transport quote. Your typical vehicle transport carrier gets only 6-7 mpg in a 200 gallon tank. 200x$2.50=$500.So $500 will get the auto carrier 1400 miles. As the price of diesel goes up, so does the drivers fuel cost.

Diesel prices can effect more than just car shipping. When a gallon of milk goes from $2.99 to $3.99 in just a few weeks, you can almost bet it was the price of diesel that made it increase. Diesel trucks carry the milk from the dairy farm to the packaging company and then from the packaging company to the stores. They gladly pass on the increase to the consumer.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Location, location, location

Something to consider when scheduling your auto transport, the location. Car carriers try to make the most economical runs when scheduling auto transport. If your pick-up or drop off location is a bit out of the way, the pick up or delivery times to ship cars may be a little longer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Transporting overseas

Transportation is not just limited to ground trucking for hauling long distances. When thinking about moving or transferring overseas it is important to understand how the process works and what you can do to help. Once you have found a company to transfer your personal belongings, the next step is to start the process of moving your car.

First, locate an auto transport company to manage the process of shipping your vehicle. Make sure the car is clean and does not have a full tank of gas. The gas tank should have about a quarter of gas in it before loading onto the ocean carrier. Once your order is booked and ready for transport make sure you have a booking number from the port from which the car will be headed to.

Second, allow the auto carrier to communicate with the port and to make sure all paper work is summated in time before the car arrives to the port. Once, the vehicle is on its way to the port make sure to collect a B.O.L. from the auto carrier and the ocean carrier. The B.O.L is a check sheet that protects you from damages that may have occurred during transit.

Following these step as well as other that you can find from a auto transport broker will ensure the safe transport of your vehicle.