Thursday, December 31, 2009

RORO...Not talking about a kid's boat song

RORO (roll-on/roll-off) ships are ocean-going vessels that are specifically designed to transport cars, trucks, railroad cars and other wheeled vehicles from one port to another. The name comes from the fact that these vehicles can be driven (or rolled) on and off the transport ship via ramps instead of lifted with cranes. This type of loading is definitely easier on the vehicles being transported, and it’s a quicker process as well.

This wheeled cargo is not measured by weight, as most other cargo is measured. Instead, it is measured in lanes in meters (LIMs). LIMs are calculated by multiplying the cargo’s length in meters by the number of decks on the ship and then by the number of lanes in width that the ship can handle.

The idea for commercial RORO ships came from landing craft used during World War II to load and unload military vehicles—very quickly—at sea shores. Think amphibious assault…Normandy…D-Day. Over the years after the war, commercial international transport of vehicles via ocean-going vessels grew into a big business. Much of the transport has been into the United States from Japan—all those fuel efficient subcompacts. But recent issues with the U.S. economy have caused a decrease in the number of car imports from Japan and other countries, resulting in a downsizing of the worldwide RORO fleet. Many of these vessels are older ships that have been retired.

Of course, American vehicles are transported via RORO as well. And, no doubt, as the economy turns around, the need for RORO ships will return to previous levels. Newer, more efficient vessels with ever greater cargo capacity will replace the “retirees”. RORO…it’s the only way to move wheeled vehicles overseas.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

KS Prevents Accidents While Loading/Unloading PCC

NYK Line, a leading logistics and shipping transportation company based in Japan, and Kajima Road Co Ltd created KS Grip, a novel anti-slip material for shore and internal ramps of pure car carriers (PCCs). The material will be used in the PCC Pleiades Leader that was built at Shin Kurushima Toyohashi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. in November 2009.

Conventionally, an expanded metal of meshed steel plates offer friction in just one direction, causing vehicular slippage during automobile loading / unloading on a rainy day. However, the new material, based on specialized paving technology of Kajima, will create friction in all directions, protecting against slippage and preventing accidents during loading and unloading. Durable KS Grip can survive great pressure applied on the vessel deck and ramp surfaces while loading / unloading scores of automobiles on a PCC. A special coating on the grip limits the anti-slip material dispersion. The KS retains its flexibility even when waves are distorting the hull. Colored KS Grips help in distinguishing between driving and non-driving ramps, ensuring high-level of safety at workplace.

The Japanese Kajima is engaged in civil, building, steel structural, pavement, waterproofing, gardening, water supply facility, tile, brick, block, electrical and masonry works. Shin Kurushima, located in Toyohashi, Japan, builds 300,000 D.W.T vessels, including tankers, container carriers and bulk carriers.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flatbed trailer safety in parades

Parades! From the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City to the simplest small-town event, flatbed trailers are a staple feature. Usually pulled behind an SUV or pickup truck, flatbed trailers are often decorated as “floats” with bright sheets of fabric or plastic, metal or wood figures, chicken wire and balloons…even flowers. The safety of these trailers should be of primary importance—before, during, and after the parade.

First, anyone involved in decorating or riding on the float should go through safety training with parade organizers. Make sure that everyone understands all the rules. Here are just a few that should be followed.

While decorating the float, make sure that no decorative features interfere with operation of the vehicle or the trailer. From the front bumper to the rear and all the tires in between, the float should be in top-notch condition. Safety chains should be employed to ensure the flatbed trailer won’t get away from its hauling vehicle and all safety lights should be operable and visible.

During the parade, adults should supervise children and teens who ride on or walk near the truck and trailer. Have volunteer wheel walkers on hand to keep spectators away from the trailer and to inform the float’s driver of any potential problems with the vehicle or the trailer during the parade.

Finally: no alcohol! No matter what event the parade is commemorating, leave the beer and other alcoholic beverages out of the cab and off the flatbed.

Parades are intended to be fun, and following all the safety rules will ensure that they are.

The Consolidated Transportation Plan

Car transport firms and vehicle transport truckers conducting owner operator trucking in Maryland travel on roadways that are often congested with traffic that makes transporting during peak hours of use difficult to manage efficiently and on time. The Maryland Department of Transportation has devised and implemented a six-year plan called the Consolidated Transportation Program (CTP) in order to help make transporting during peak hours of use a lot more efficient and safer for all users.

The Consolidated Transportation Program is Maryland’s answer to increasing traffic congestion that has become more intense in the past few years. The department of transportation expects the plan to reduce traffic congestion on the highways of Maryland and take care of future growth in traffic flows due to Maryland’s increasing population and the number of transports using the roads of Maryland to transport goods and materials to Americans.

The Maryland Department of Transportation’s plan calls for the government to work together with the people, individual jurisdictions within Maryland, and local and state officials to devise and implement projects to enhance transportation within Maryland. In addition, the plan looks forward to try to predict as close as possible future needs of the transportation system of Maryland and take this into account when designing and implementing transportation projects.

The individual projects of the plan designed to improve the roads of Maryland are still being kept under wraps by the Maryland Department of Transportation. There’s very little specific information released on the individual projects, but as they progress more information will be available.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Little Gunpowder Falls Bridge Construction

Car transport drivers planning on using the Little Gunpowder Falls Bridge as part of the route they travel from point to point may want to see if they can think of a different route to take. The Maryland State Highway Administration currently has bridge construction crews working on improving the bridge and getting over the bridge will be slower due to the decrease in traffic capacity created by the construction work.

US 1 (Belair Road) travels over Little Gunpowder Falls Bridge at the Baltimore/Harford County line. At present the Maryland State Highway Administration says four lanes of traffic will be open to traffic on the bridge throughout the current construction work being done on the bridge. Construction began in the summer of 2009 and will continue until sometime in the spring of 2010, unless there are delays, in which case they’ll provide updates on the date of completion.

The project includes the removal and replacement of the bridge, along with a realignment of the roadways leading up to the bridge. The road engineers want to shift the road about twenty feet west to decrease the sharpness of the curve and improve the safety of the approach to the bridge.

At the same time they’re replacing the bridge three buildings are being removed and a new drainage system is being added, along with a gravel parking lot. Paths leading to the trail that goes to Gunpowder State Park are being put in, pedestrian access to the trail underneath the bridge is being added and road crews are putting in new road and trail signs.

Rosedale Streetscape Project

Car transport drivers using the transport roads of the community of Rosedale in Baltimore, Maryland as a route to help them move around the country should be aware that the Maryland State Highway Administration currently has road construction crews working in the area and traffic flows could be reduced during construction.

At the moment M. Luis Construction Company of Baltimore is at work enhancing traffic safety and operations, and making the 2.25 mile section of roadway between US 40 (Pulaski Highway) and Maryland Highway 588 (Golden Ring Road) look prettier for tourists and commuters that travel along this route.

Called the Rosedale Streetscape Project, this project includes widening the roadway; grinding, repairing and resurfacing of the street, the construction of walkways and pedestrian ramps suitable for disabled Americans to use to get around, and the installation of new curbs and gutters. At the same time they’ll make improvements to the drainage systems, built small retaining walls, and improve the traffic signal system. The last things they’ll do are to put in new pavement markings, remove a few trees and put in new ones, before making the area all green.

Construction of this project that began in 2007 is expected to come in at about $11 million, but they still have work to do and won’t be completed until sometime in 2010. The amount of construction that work crews can do relies on the weather and we are talking about Maryland, so road construction is often interrupted due to weather conditions.

Once they get this project finished though the area will look a lot better and it should help relieve traffic congestion in the area and improve safety for travellers on the road.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Auto Transport Brokers - Things You Need to Know, Broker for Auto Transport

In order to decide whether you need auto transport brokers or auto transport carriers you need to know the main difference between them. A broker or broking company does not own the transportation vehicles. They simply act as a middleman between you, the shipper, and the auto transport company. This lack of a fleet to transport vehicles is precisely what turns out to be an advantage with brokers. They are sure to know all the auto transport carriers in your neighborhood and will find the right match for you in a jiffy. Besides, if one carrier fails to turn up, auto transport brokers are sure to have another carrier up their sleeve.

By choosing to deal with auto transport brokers, you are giving yourself a better deal. The brokers too will offer discounts to get your custom. As auto transport carriers do not typically advertize their presence, you will be hard put to find them on your own. When dealing with brokers, you have to be careful of the fine print, especially about the insurance of your automobile. This insurance is usually taken by the carrier not the broker. So check the details of the type and amount of insurance available for your automobile and see if this suits you. If not, negotiate with the broker for a better deal. By choosing an auto transport broker over an auto transport carrier you choose to get your vehicle delivered to you on schedule as most brokers have many alternatives to fall back on.

A Handful of Big Ole Ships, Eukor's Auto Fleet

When it comes to shipping vehicles to their eventual point of sale, the major foreign auto manufacturers have to look for a method of shipping which is cost effective and timely enough to keep the market satisfied. This is where one of the most old-fashioned forms of travel comes in hand- ship.

There are some occasions where the common container vessel is used for shipping cars. Special open flatbeds that look a lot like the ones we see travelling down the freeways loaded with cars are used. However, when it comes to satisfying the needs of a major auto manufacturer this method would be too costly to be effective.

That is where the floating parking garage known as the automobile ship comes in hand. These ships are specially built for overseas auto shipping. For all intents and purposes they pretty much look like a large parking garage; very box like.

Newer ships being built are coming out a little more aerodynamic (which will no doubt help it knife through the sea while underway), but still maintain the essential shape necessary for optimal vehicle shipping. As better architecture and building methods become available new ships will be built that will really make overseas auto shipping economical and practical for manufacturers.

The new additions to the fleet for Eukor Car Carriers, Inc. are the future of the auto shipping industry. Two ships were added in 2008 and another two in 2009 that can carry over 8000 cars (8011 to be exact). These carriers are the biggest automobile ships in the world. The first one to visit the U.S. was the Morning Lisa; it arrived at the Port of Portland in late February of this year.

Finding the Best Cheap Car Transport Price, Time to do some homework

When it comes to shipping a car to wherever you need it the price can get rather high pretty easy, especially if you really love your car. If your indifferent though and go for a cheap auto transport company than there is no telling what condition your vehicle will be in when it is returned to you. It is possible to find cheap vehicle shipping if you just do your homework.

First off, find a car transport directory online. When you use them to submit a quote you will actually get a vehicle transport quote from multiple auto transport companies. Be sure and do this well in advance of when you plan on moving, too; the earlier you start searching the more time you will have to find the best auto shipping price.

Just like when you fly, if you can, try making your dates as flexible as possible. This may help get a cheaper car transport price from the auto shipping company. Also like when booking air transportation, go with the same car transport company for a round trip to get a cheaper price.

Depending on exactly what type of auto transport service you are looking for you may want to restrict your search to companies that specialize in that area. For expensive cars you will probably want an enclosed auto shipping company. There are also companies that specialize in international car shipping and antique car shipping as well.

Whatever you do, take your time and do your research. That is the only way to be sure you can get the best and cheapest vehicle transport quote for your needs.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Car Shipping to Germany

Planning to ship a car to Germany? Acquiring German plates while in Germany is a little more difficult than in other European countries. The Germans are more stringent when it comes to rules especially on car imports since they manufacture some, or even most, of the best cars. Of course if your car is not a Carrera or a Jaguar or any other luxury car, it does not mean you cannot ship it to Germany. If you drive a Honda, it is fine but you will see that not many people drive these cars in Europe specifically in Germany.

When shipping a car to the said country, you would really have to make sure that it is in excellent condition because they will turn it upside down to look if everything is in order. If some of the parts are not in order you will have to get all of those changed in accordance to what is acceptable for the German roads.

Your blinkers have to be orange and not red if it is red you would have to change it from your point of origin or change it in Germany. The thing is, if you change it in the said European country you will have to drive with your original plates which would bring you a lot of attention on the road.

It costs a lot to import a car in Germany and a lot of trouble too because of the many tests your car will go through. Buying a second-hand car will be a much better option.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

No Clowns, Just Haulers, Car Hauler Parades in NASCAR

One of the frequent hits for news on car haulers is from NASCAR, where the cars have to go from track to track via enclosed car haulers. An aspect of NASCAR culture I was not familiar with is the car haulers parade, where the haulers will drive down the main drag of that week’s race, usually on the Thursday before the race. It allows fans who can’t afford tickets to the race to see their heroes up close and personal. It also reminds me of the old circus parade when the animals and entertainers would go from the train station through town to the circus site.

Here’s a piece on the Las Vegas parade right down the Strip. Before their final race of the season in Homestead south of Miami, the haulers hit downtown Miami and South Beach. Bristol has a tradition of a big hauler parade as well; the smaller town tracks on the circuit seem to do things up bigger.

However, Darlington, SC and its neighboring bigger city Florence seem to take the cake in car hauler parades, with the organizers even having their own web site.

Open-air car-haulers can double as parade-float platforms, but in this case, the haulers themselves are the show. The NASCAR haulers are the show horses of the breed as compared to the double-deck 6-9 car trailers, but it calls attention to the air of car transportation. The advertisers get extra attention and the hauler manufacturers will get some great visibility.

National, for local and long distance

Next time you need an excellent auto transport company, make sure you are using one that can transport nationwide. Just because they are a large company, doesn’t mean that they will be more expensive. Often times, they will be able to average the costs of their transports, and come up with a very competitive price in order to win the business.
If they are national, they will also have connections everywhere, and will most likely be able to arrange the costs of moving vehicles, or freight, along with other shipments, in such a way as to keep the costs way down.
Going with the lowest bid is not always the best plan of action. There are some companies that will sub contract their services under their company banner, making you think they are a large company, when in fact they are a 1 or 2 man operation. There is nothing wrong with sub contracting, but knowing that they have an established routine is the key.
Make sure you find out specifically how they plan to make their moves before you turn over your business and trust to them. Get the name of one person who is completely responsible from beginning to end. There are so many things that can come up during the course of action, and it is best to make sure you know who you are dealing with. If something goes wrong, you need to know that you will have recourse with someone accountable.
If you go with a company that has been in business for several years, handles all kinds of freight, and travels nationwide, chances are you will not need to do anything but go get your receipt. Don’t wonder, be sure.

Suitable Options for Transporting your Car, Weighing risk versus cost

The family car is a vital an important tool for every family. When you move from one place to another, moving cars can end up being almost as much of a hassle as moving all your household belongings. Luckily, there are a number of options available for transporting vehicles.

You could just drive it yourself. If that is the case you better have someone else that can drive the moving truck. By paying someone to move your household possesions you can have someone share the driving responsibilities with you. Either way you will end up spending a lot of time in your car- a lot.

You could hire someone to drive your car for you. There actually auto transport companies that offer this service. This means of moving cars is not too common; people are generally not too eager to give the keys to the car to a complete stranger.

If you are thinking of engaging a vehicle transport company in shipping a car to your new destination then you might as well use one of the many types of vehicle hauling methods at their disposal. Open trailers are the most common companies use. Typically they have two levels and hold up to ten vehicles. This is the most cost effective way of shipping a car although it does expose your vehicle to the elements and other sources of damage. Enclosed containers are available for those that are willing to spend a little more in shipping their car.

In the end, the most suitable option is the one which costs something which you can afford and has a minimal level of risk.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Used Cars to Mexico? Forgetaboutit!

Mexico is a lot tougher on imports that Canada is. They don’t allow the sale of imported used cars and limit the importation of cars for personal use. So, Mexicans are limited to buying used cars that are already in the country.

If someone is taking a car back to Mexico from the US, there are a number of hoops to jump through that make it problematic to bring a car in from el Norte.

First, the car has to be NAFTA-made. At least 62.5% of a car’s components have to be made in North America. So, if you had a BMW made in Germany, it’s stuck in the US.

Secondly, the car has to ten years old. Not nine or eleven, ten years on the nose. Anything else stays north of the border as well. If you happen to own a 2000 model car, you can bring it back. That means that 2000s are hot commodities near the Mexican border.

If you happen to have that precious 2000-model-year, NAFTA-built car, you then have to pay some cash to the federales. There is a 0.8% customs processing fee and a value-added tax of 10% for folks within 25 miles of the border and 15% for folks further south. While there’s no duty, there is an importation tax of 10% and a new car tax of between 50% and 100%.

Thus, unless you’re planning to move to Mexico and happen to have a car exactly ten years old, forgetaboutit.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fake Car Haulers

Car hauler boo boos happen here and there but if you have a luxury car and want to ship it to another state, be very careful and think twice on which hauling service you are going to use. If you are a dealership, make sure that the folks picking up your luxury cars have the right papers.
Luxury cars sure are very nice and most would have to save up just to own one. These days however owning a luxury car has become easy, you can just take it –literally. Recently, there are reports of false car haulers showing up at dealerships pretending they are from Atlas Towing. The National Auto Auction Associated has already sent out a warning to dealerships nationwide.
Just last summer, Manheim Auto Auctions was also victimized by the group. FBI is already looking into the situation. This is bad news for Atlas Towing and Recovery, a legit business based in the state of Illinois.
The daylight robbery of luxury cars from dealerships has happened to many dealers and authorities believe that these activities are connected. Dealers have already been warned to inform authorities if or when anyone or any group poses as people from Atlas Towing and Recovery.
To all dealers out there, please do not let them pick your vehicles. These guys are rather slick and they have a truck in tow as well. Somehow this is reminiscent of incidents of stolen cars about 10 years ago. The cars were found in Eastern Europe. This may be the same operation or maybe not. Whichever the case, let us all hope that this ends soon.

Car Transportation Business Strategies of MOL, for Better Future Prospects

Car carrier division of Mitsui O.S.K Lines (MOL) set a shipment target of 3 million vehicles in the fiscal year 2008 (April 2008-March 2009) because volume of automobiles shipped across the world reached 14 million units in 2007. The company was able to meet target till October 2008. However, a steep decline of about 60% in year-on-year demand in the beginning of 2009 compelled MOL to restructure and revise its plan and it returned 4 ships and scrapped 15 in FY 2008. MOL also planned to lay up 11 vessels and scrap 6 more vessels in FY 2009. This downsizing will continue in 2010 and by March 2010 number of vessels will be 80 despite having target of 105 ships as per its MOL ADVANCE plan. MOL also implemented slow steaming and tried to stay away from night loading.

Car carrier market has witnessed some recovery in April 2009 but uncertainty still prevails. MOL, a multi-modal transport group headquartered in Japan, management believes that market will recover as cars are part and parcel of Europeans’ and North Americans’ daily life. And current economic downturn did not impact Australia much where demand for vehicles is still strong.

Since some automakers are expanding their businesses around the world, MOL is planning to increase its fleet that does not touch ports of Japan at all. MOL set up a subsidiary MOL Auto Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd. for finished car transportation in November 2008 as the Indian car production capacity for both exports and local market is increasing. The Chennai-based subsidiary will offer port services for export and inland transport services using car trailers.

Cars, Wine and Cigars at the Heart of New Business, Luxury car storage and transport

Cars, cigars and wine are at the heart of a new business in Menlo Park California called Autovino, catering to those with fine tastes. While primarily a storage facility for luxury cars, cigars and wine, the business has also taken on car transport as a service for customers.

The Mercury News describes Autovino as a club where automotive junkies can bring their high-performance and luxury vehicles for a drive, then relax with friends for a cigar and glass of wine. The idea is to create more than a storage facility and car transport hub, but a community of enthusiasts in a club-like atmosphere.

The warehouse at Autovino houses twelve luxury / high-performance cars such as Lotus, Ferrari and Maserati. Another ten cars are expected soon. Capacity is available for up to seventy cars at the facility. The show room will display vehicles and serve as a gathering place for customers. The lounge area features leather sofas with a coffee table laden with car magazines. It also includes a high-speed racing simulator.

A separate room serves as the cigar lounge, with leather chairs, TV and a ventilation system that keeps the air moving. A wine bar is under construction in the next room and wood-panel lockers are planned to house about 6,000 bottles of wine. Eventually, Autovino will produce its own wine with the purchase of nearby Woodside Vineyards. There are even plans for a future trattoria on the second floor.

Autovino is building its customer base for car storage. Some packages include car transport to bring member cars to racetracks. These services give car owners a place to store their cars and show the car off to their friends and fellow enthusiasts.

For events like this make sure to ship your vehicle with a auto transport company you trust.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Preparing to Transport Your Vehicle, long distance moves

You are moving across the country and are bringing your treasured Dodge Magnum SRT with you. You also did your research, and found out that the car you babied for the last two years, and kept in excellent condition, won’t fit on a standard U-Haul trailer. You know you want to keep the car in classic condition and therefore you can’t drive it to your destination (unwanted miles, road debris). You have a budget to hire a professional auto transporter and you’ve begun a web search to hire the most reliable, professional and trustworthy company.

Before making contact with companies, you should know as much as possible about your car and what you expect of the transporting experience. First, know the dimensions of your car long with the make, model and year. This will allow the transport company to assess if they have right equipment to move your vehicle. You should know, before your call, if you want your car transported in an open versus enclosed trailer. If the price tag is becoming overwhelming, maybe talk with the family again about whether or not to keep the investment for the long haul.

You have talked with the family and your significant other has supported your decision to keep this car as a classic so you have made your first hard decision. Begin your web search and review several transportation companies. Take into consideration companies that give you the choice of an enclosed car trailer or specialized hauler such as a company specializing in Hotshot trucking.

Car Transporting Options, Preserve your investment

I have babied my Dodge Magnum SRT. It was considered a sports car when it first arrived on the scene, and now has more value to muscle car collectors because it’s out of production. I would want my vehicle to be moved in one of those super car haulers that is enclosed. You’ve seen them move down the highway, carrying a NASCAR vehicle or Monster Truck. The trailer is shiny and colorful and you know that the car on the inside is safe and sound and free from damage. The same services are available to you, the consumer, without the flash and color but with the safety and security.

In short, decide if you should hire a auto transport company that uses open or covered haulers. Take into consideration the current value of your vehicle, how long you plan to keep the car in your family, and what your long term expectations for the investment are. Once you have made these decisions, you are ready to choose a professional and reliable auto hauler.

You decided you want your vehicle handled by a professional car hauler that specializes in transporting sports cars and exotic vehicles that utilizes enclosed trailers. What are you looking for in an auto transport company? What qualities does that company need to have to put your mind at ease? You have taken a lot of time and effort to make the decision to move your vehicle and so take as much care in the choice of company to move your investment.

Finding the Best Car Transport Company, moving long distances

Utilizing a general, internet search engine will bring you some of the best auto transport sites in the United States. There are many to choose from so you should know, before you search, exactly what you are looking for and how much you have budgeted for the move. Next, you need to make decisions on the time frame. If you drive the vehicle every day, obviously the timing of the move is crucial to you falling into a routine after your cross-country trek.

Calculate all of theses issues before you contact the company. Also, know how many miles your car will be transported and know the zip codes form where you are moving from and where you are relocating to and, most importantly, be aware if there are any barriers to the pick up and/or delivery of your vehicle. For example, are there restrictions on the size of vehicle that can be transported into certain neighborhoods? Are there obstructions along the route that prevent a 13’6” high trailer from entering the community? Are you going to meet the auto transport company in a large parking lot versus door to door transport? Answer these questions and then begin your quest for the perfect company for you and your treasured vehicle.

Now, you have found several sites that specialize in the type of transport you want and even have photos of similar vehicles in the process of being loaded into their trailers. Is the company in the general region of where you live OR where you are relocating? Does the company have a checklist for you to compare what you have done and still need to do in order to transport your vehicle?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tips to a Stress Free Car Shipping Experience

Relocation can often turn into a hassle but keeping a few pointers in mind make it less about stress and more about making new beginning. When it comes to shipping your vehicle, it helps to plan ahead, whether it is choosing the right car shipping service or opting for reasonable insurance.

Here are some handy tips to help relieve the stress of moving:
• It’s all about planning: Take time off prior to starting the packing and moving to make the requisite arrangements, whether it is with a professional packer and mover, or with a vehicle transport company.
• Choosing the right transport company: While word of mouth is a great way to choose a car shipping service, it is likely that the same service is not available locally or does not ship to your destination. Look around online for a reputed car shipper and ask for estimates to help figure out total costs.
• Vehicle inspection prior to shipping and after delivery: This helps ensure that your car is delivered in the original condition. Make sure any damage is noted on the bill and duly signed by delivering driver as well as the car owner. In many cases failure to do this may remove the onus of claim from the transporting company.
• Vehicle transport Insurance: Transport insurance helps recover costs of damages to your vehicle post delivery.
• Car interiors inspection: Check the interiors of your car for removable vehicle enhancements and personal belongings. This helps avoid damage or loss to these items since insurance does not cover personal items not part of the vehicle.

Be in touch with your automobile transporter and track the delivery status of your car, for this is key to an anxiety free shipping experience.

Car Transport Company Guide

Car Transport Company Guide

For anyone moving across country the stress of relocating is usually more than you can handle, but then if you plan to ship your vehicle to the new destination, then you will have even more stress. This car transport company guide will help you choose the best services for a safe and reliable company.

A vehicle is a huge investment and due to this fact, you do not want to leave it with a company that would be no better than letting your newly licensed teenage son drive the car across country to your new home unsupervised. This is why there are some things you should take into consideration before hiring a car transport company.

List of things you need to do know:
The amount of insurance coverage and the type of coverage
Do you desire door to door or terminal to terminal?
Do you want an enclosed or open auto transport?
Do you wish to use a combination of rail and truck or only truck?
You need to understand what you receive with each option before you choose
Can you cancel if the auto transport company is late on pickup or delivery?
Can you receive a refund if the company is late on pickup or delivery?

Before signing, any documents make sure you understand all provisions and wording. Once you sign you are in a contract and are bound by law. If your vehicle is damaged you will want to know the process to have the insurance pay for the damages. This type of information should be provided at the time of hiring the car transport company.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shipping a Car?Consult Better Business Bureau

When choosing a car shipping company, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce highly recommends that customers first consult the Better Business Bureau so as to accredit highly regarded businesses and provide general information on complaints and lawsuits made earlier. They also advise that you make sure to verify their licensing with the FMCSA known as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Through their web ite, you can obtain confirmation on the license number of a particular car transporter.
There are three main types of services readily available for you when shipping your car; however, each of these holds their own advantages and disadvantages especially concerning vehicle shipping costs. First, having your car transported through trade plates by professional drivers can usually be your cheapest option for a car shipment. However, this will only add mileage to the car and chances of damaging the vehicle will be increased compared to other procedures.
Second, single-car trailers generally are used in shipping more important and urgent deliveries. However, it takes only one car to move at a time that is why this service is more expensive. There is a wide selection of single-car trailers available in the market, ranging from the basic open-tops to enclosed ones as well as climate controlled trailers. If your vehicle is irreplaceable and is of high value you may request for an enclosed trailer vehicle, but look ahead to a high, premium vehicle shipping cost.
Lastly, the use of multi-car trailers can be able to transport a couple of cars at once, but since the service will run slower, you can expect a lower vehicle shipping cost. On a daily routine, vehicles are being shipped on multi-car trailers and if ever the travelling vehicle has spare capacity and can still hold a few extra cars, you could be paying for a great price. Compared to single-cars, multi-car trailers are harder to maneuver, thus vehicle transport firms often will not deliver from door to door. Rather they will take the car to a local terminal near your residence where the vehicle can then be picked up.

Auto Transporter Questions to Ask

Auto Transporter Questions to Ask Before Signing the Dotted Line

An auto transporter can be a lifesaver when you need to have your vehicle transported across the nation or even overseas. On the other hand, in order to make sure you hire a quality auto transporter you should ask a few important questions.

The questions that need to be asked include ask if the company has a website. If you found the company online, be sure to verify the physical address. Whether the company has a website or not you should read over their terms, conditions, and ask for references. All auto transporters will have insurance; however, you need to know exactly what that covers and what expense you will incur if any. Shipping rates are also important as each auto transporter has different criteria in their rates. Most will charge by the weight and size of your vehicle. Make sure the Federal Maritime Commission licenses the company if you are having your vehicle shipped internationally. If you are inspecting their website this information along with their FMC number should be visible.

Some auto transporters offer free shipping estimates, but not all. In most cases, all you will need to do is answer a few easy questions and the company representative should be able to call you back within a few minutes with an estimate of the cost.

Always ask what type of documentation the company needs. You do not want to arrive to the company without the proper documents as this can cause all kinds of problems especially if you are on a tight time schedule. In most cases, the auto transporter will need to see proof the car is yours, a copy of your passport and your driver’s license. Always learn the date your vehicle will arrive and if you need to be there to pick up your vehicle or if the company will deliver the car to your location.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is Your Car Shipping Quote Too Cheap?, How to find out

When it comes to cheap car shipping, there is such a thing as too cheap. When you find rates that are a lot lower than any other shipper, there is something wrong. Car shipper can be too much lower than the others without cutting corners on safety.

When shopping for quotes, make sure you check on the company’s record with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This government agency has a hot line (888) 368-7238 that helps you check a car shipper's license and insurance record. You'll also find out about any complaints made against the auto transport company.

Online forums are another great way to check on the company you are considering. You'll be able to spot unprofessional carriers right away by the quality of messages. Some shippers are so unprofessional that they use online forums to fill empty slots on their trucks. Many do not even bother to set up a separate account for their car shipping businesses. And nothing says “I don't care” quite like a forum message with an X-rated avatar.

If you really want to get cheap car shipping, go with a company with a good reputation and cut out the extras. Instead of door-to-door, use terminal shipping. Just have a friend drive behind you as you bring your car to the terminal so you will have a ride back. Also see if you can arrange for shipping off season to get a better rate.

One thing you cannot skimp on: the insurance. Without insurance, you could lose your entire investment in the vehicle. That will end up costing you more in the long run and could be just as bad as going with an excessively cheap car carrier.

Exotic Car Transport Costs, Moving Cars Across the US

Car transport costs could cost you a high amount, while the companies that you find in your phone book or on the Net are often questionable. But skyrocketing gas prices as well as other expenses coupled with the idea of cross-country driving, and the handiness of dependable shipping, may perhaps make vehicle shipping the right alternative for you.
Car transport costs differ according to your car’s size and condition as well as your shipping preferences and the shipping season. For shipment across the country, you may expect to pay a bare minimum of an estimated $1,000 inclusive of all fees. This price will go up instantly if you have other requests for time restrictions, preference for a closed container or desire to transport a high-end car. Transit time will depend on several factors such as the location for picking up and dropping off, measure of distance, and the number of held on the carrier. You can look forward to an average move across the United States to run from 1-2 weeks. Most car transports have Web sites that may provide free-priced quotes that have been customized for your needs, but be aware of smaller fees and hidden costs as this can take an immense and unexpected toll on one’s wallet.
If you are in need of shipping classic or exotic cars, it is best to choose a company that concentrates on transporting these types of cars. An alternative choice is to decide on the premium services that are offered by general car shipping companies. They will make use of closed containers and will request for professional drivers to ship your exotic car. However, for such services, you can be expecting transport rates that cost more than the average.

How to Save on Auto Hauling Rates, Factors that affect rates

With millions of cars sold online, 75% of which are interstate transactions, auto hauling is big business. This high volume has brought shipping rates down a bit. Still, there are some factors that can affect how much you pay to have a car shipped. Rates are primarily based on distance, but they are also affected by the cost of fuel, the weight of the load and the choice of open or closed containers. Seasonality and the route of the truck also play a role.

It is not difficult to understand why these would be factors in the cost of auto hauling rates. The farther the truck goes, the more gas it needs and the more hours to pay the driver. When the cost of fuel goes up, so do shipping rates. If the car you ship is exceptionally heavy, like a classic Chevy, that will cost you more as well. One of the strongest factors affecting rates is whether you choose an open or closed container. That bumps the rate up by about 60%.

Season is a factor too. Less shipping goes on in the winter months, so you may get a better rate as auto transporters try to drum up some more business. You can even save by setting up the route for pickup and drop off at major cities. This brings down the cost and may get you a slot on an auto hauler quicker. You can also plan to have a vehicle shipped opposite the snowbird season. Drivers can bring your car up north after dropping off a retiree's car in Florida. This will get you a quick slot and sometimes a better rate.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Car Transporter Regs-part II-MC Hammers, Motor Carrier Numbers

When we last left off checking our potential car transporter, we talked about the USDOT number, which each trucking company needs to have.

The next key hoop that a trucking company has to get through is to get a MC or motor carrier number that gives them the authority to transport goods in a given area of the country. That operating authority can be limited to a part of the country or be nationwide depending on the scope of the permit; since the non-defunct Interstate Commerce Commission used to manage that authority, they are sometimes called ICC numbers.

There are a number of requirements to get a MC number. The trucking company has to set up agents in every state that they’re going to do business in. A “BOC-3” (the name of the form to designate them) process agent has to be in place to receive any legal paper work (process being a term for legal paperwork, thus the term “process server” for the folks who hand you subpoenas and other legal paperwork from courts) that may come through lawsuits and other legal issues. If a company doesn’t have an office in a state, they can hire someone from a trucking-support firm to be their process agent in that state.

A few states have special permits need to operate in their state; New York and Kentucky are two of those, so a KYU number notes that they have access to Kentucky and a HUT number does the same for New York.

The auto transport company also has to have insurance; the current minimum coverage required is $750,000 in liability insurance and $5,000 in cargo insurance. However, that is a fairly small amount on the cargo side, and most firms will have far more than that, with $100,000 being the industry standard.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Beauty of the World

From the day I was born, I was one of those fortunate ones that got an opportunity to travel all my life. My family always traveled around the world – exploring those exotic places; experiencing different cultures, food, music and people. Today, I feel that those experiences has made me respect individual differences and more culturally aware of others. International travel not only gives you a chance to explore cultures, but you also get to see the tremendous beauty in this world. However, it could get expense with airline fares and lodging arrangements. Then you add in the local food and shopping. What really is a killer is the cab or local transport – you do need a way of transport to visit all the exotic places. For this the economical and easy solution is to have your car shipped. You need to find an international auto shipping company that can deliver your car. The problem is most companies are not only expense; they take weeks and months to get your car on the road. Then there is the problem of location. What if your 5 year old wants to go to Alaska? Some companies might not agree with your kid’s choice of vacation. Fortunately, Momentum Transport covers it all. Low, competitive rates, ships your car in days to anywhere you want in the world – regardless of boundaries. Reach your destination and your car will be waiting for you.

For car transport tips and additional information on Momentum Transport, visit our website at

Hot Spots!

There are certain terms that are specifically used in the auto shipping industry – ‘hot spots’ or conversely cold-spots is one of them. Hot Spots are places that trucks are moving into, or where a lot of people are going to. In other words these are the popular, in-demand spots, thus, making it easier and cheaper to ship your vehicle. During the summer months, some of the hot spots are Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and anywhere in the Deep South. Cold spots are places that trucks don’t really want to travel to, therefore, making your shipping a bit more expensive. In summer, this typically means California and the rest of the Pacific Northwest. Trucks going here seem to be scarce because of all the traffic backups going through California during the summer. However, in the winter, it really changes. Florida and the Deep South end are places that usually become more expensive because everyone is heading back home. On the other hand, car shipping usually goes down in the Northwest region. Therefore, you need to keep in mind where you want your vehicle to be shipped - the hot or the cold spots – and during what time of the year. Remember the prices will fluctuate accordingly.
For car transport tips and additional information on Momentum Transport, visit our website at

Checklist - Car Shipping Preparation

Car shipping is fairly simple once you have selected the right vehicle shipper. Here’s how you can make the process of car shipping much more safe and easier. Here is a checklist of what you should take care of from your end.
First off, prepare your vehicle for transporting. Clean it and take away all your personal things; check the gas tank – it should not be more than one-fourth of the tank. Also, control the radiator for antifreeze. Next, organize an inspection of your vehicle. In your car shipping report clearly write the condition of your vehicle. If there are any problems, this will help the carrier to resolve all the disputes. If there are any damages which occurred during the shipment, within to week after transporting your car you can claim these damages. The shipping company will take liability and cover all damages that occur during the shipment. Read the contract of car shipping contract details very carefully, especially the payment coverage. Additionally, check if the car shipping company has a license and provides full cover insurance of your vehicle. A reputable company should have insured drivers.
So take your time and go through these minute details and pointers to ensure that you car shipment procedure turns out to be easy and simple. Going the extra mile by taking these few steps will be worth it – trust me!
For car transport tips and additional information on Momentum Transport, visit our website at

Complying with international procedures

With today’s modern world turning into a global village, the demand for an international car delivery service has rapidly gone up. Although international car shipping is expensive than the shipping service within a country, still you are better off hiring the professionals than taking care of it on your own. And why is that? It all depends what part of the world is involved in the shipping process as the rules vary with each country. Automobile transport of a vehicle to another country has some additional requirements and restrictions. First off, you won’t be able to go on your own to book international vehicle shipment. Companies specializing in this area of shipment get priority based on the first come first served procedure. Also, make sure your vehicle that needs to be internationally shipped is in proper working condition. If it’s not then they won’t load your vehicle and you will have to pay an additional fee for keeping it at the carrier’s warehouse until it is put in order. All auto shipping companies act according to a strict loading and unloading schedule. Thus, take care of providing your vehicle according to this schedule. It is important to comply with the specific transportation rules and policies that usually an auto transport company would know. If you don’t then they will refuse to let your vehicle be shipped. Keep these tips in mind and you will make the international shipment procedure very easy for yourself. For car transport tips and additional information on Momentum Transport, visit our website at

Real Snow Birds

Growing up in Michigan, it wasn’t uncommon to see snowmobile trailers being pulled behind cars or trucks on a Friday evening heading up I-75 or US-10 from the urban areas like Detroit and Flint in the southern part of the state to the resort areas in the north of the state. Snowmobiles have become part of the culture, as they fit the ATV niche in winter weather.

In some areas of the state, snowmobiles are vital; when snowstorms drop feet of snow at a time in lake-effect areas near Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, snowmobiles are often the only way to get around. Since snowmobiles don’t require driver’s licenses, they often take the place of bicycles for teen northerners during the winter.

There is also a thriving snowmobile racing culture in Michigan; it isn’t just in Alaska, where former First Dude Todd Palin was noted for winning snowmobile races. Sault Ste. Marie's I-500 race is one of the signature events in snowmobiling. Racing “sleds” can be seen getting hauled up I-75 along with recreational units on most winter weekends.

What if Todd wanted to get his sled to Michigan without towing it all the way from Alaska? As they’d say in the computer biz, Momentum has an ap for that. They can ship snowmobiles door-to-door.

People thinking of a snowmobile-centric vacation across the country might want to have their machine shipped and fly out to the location rather than towing it long-distance, especially in winter weather. Or, if they buy a machine on eBay, they can use the shipping service to get their new beast.

Open vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

When you have to move across the country or across states, then you have to consider shipping your automobile as well. This will save you the time and hassle of driving your automobile across the nation. There are many reliable auto transporters who will transport your automobile for a fee.

When most people think of auto transport they think of the open auto transport. Even automobile manufacturers use this method to transport their goods across the country to their various showrooms and dealers. This is a relatively inexpensive mode of transporting the automobile as 10 to 12 automobiles are transported at a time in huge open trailers. The downside to this mode of transportation is the damage your automobile might suffer because of the prevailing weather conditions. Snow, hail, and sleet all can damage your precious automobile. If you opt for this method, check with your insurance company if they will pay to cover any damages that your vehicle might incur.

The enclosed auto transport system, however, is more expensive as it transports only 2 to 4 automobiles at a time. This is the safest way to transport expensive automobiles such as vintage vehicles or a car worth millions of dollars. Your vehicle will be protected from the weather during transportation and will be delivered to your doorstep scratch free and safe.

Basically it boils down to how safe you want your vehicle to be during the transportation process. If your vehicle is not so expensive opt for the open transportation method, if not go in for closed transportation.

Use Taxes and Cars

One of the advantages of buying goods on-line is that you are generally not charged sales tax if the business you’re buying from doesn’t have a physical presence in your state. That can be a significant savings, as sales tax rates of 6% or higher are common in many states.

Tennessee, where we’re visiting this weekend, has the highest rate in the nation of 9.45% (there is no income tax, which is why the sales tax is so high and why my tax-phobic in-laws relocated there) so shopping on-line can save just short of 10% in that case, more than enough to justify the cost of shipping the product in question.

However, states are loathe to give up that revenue and will generally have an use tax on goods bought in another state. For mundane household items like computers or books, citizens are supposed to pay the use tax as part of their income tax form each year, but since out-of-state businesses don’t have to provide the state with a list of their customers, it’s hard for states to keep taxpayers honest on use taxes.

Cars and other vehicles are an exception. When you go to get your title and plates for your four wheels of joy, one of the bullet points on the title form will typically be a spot for sales or use tax; if you paid tax elsewhere, you’re all set, but if you didn’t pay any sales tax on your vehicle, you’ll have to pay the use tax before you can get your car street-legal.

There are a number of reasons to buy cars on-line or otherwise out-of-state, but avoiding sales taxes isn’t one of them. You might conveniently forget to let Uncle Steve know about your new Dell laptop, but he’ll find out about the car and charge you the use tax.

Shipping Insurance

So let's assume you have a really nice car. For the sake of nostalgia, we'll go with the Aston-Martin DB5. How very Bond of you! Now, let's assume that you want to move from Sacramento to Orlando. You don't want to put all those miles on your car! It's a classic! So, you want to have it shipped. Then you better make sure you have insurance on that. Most reputable shipping companies offer liability and cargo insurance, assuring that if your car is in their hands, they are responsible for what happens to it. However, on an expensive car like that, you're going to want to do your homework. Make sure that the coverage that the company offers will actually cover the cost of the vehicle, should the worst happen. If it won't, ask if the company offers any extra insurance, up to the cost of the vehicle. It may cost a bit more, but it's worth it to protect your investment. Some personal auto insurances will even cover the vehicle if it's being transported. Check with your auto insurance company to find out exactly what your policy will and will not cover. Of course, take photos of your car before you ship it off. Make thorough notes about any existing dents, dings, and damages that your car has. That way, if any new damage occurs, you have proof that it happened while being shipped. If you take all the precautions necessary, you can assure yourself that your car is protected, even if the unthinkable happens while it is being shipped.

Nano Nano, Baby Steps in Indian Car Logistics

Here’s another interesting piece of news that parallels yesterday’s story on Indian car transport; the Indian government has broken ground on a warehousing auto hub in the Calcutta suburb of Howrah, which is designed to allow Indian car companies to store cars at the key Shalimar rail hub in Howrah and then be able to move the cars around eastern India.

Quite a few of those cars being stashed there will be the Tata Nano; no, it only sounds like something out of Mork and Mindy. The Nano is a very affordable (about $2200 per Wikipedia) compact that is currently the world’s cheapest car; interestingly, “nano” means small in Gujarati,, the western Indian language from where Tata got started, as well as prefix for one-billionth or tiny in English. Tata is a large enough player in the world car market to have bought Jaguar and Land Rover off of Ford in 2008.

However, the India car makers seem to have an uphill struggle getting the infrastructure going to get the Nano and other new products to an international and national market. If they can deliver sufficient quality to meet American safety and emissions standards, they could become a major player in the US market.

As I mentioned earlier about Telsa’s pending IPO, more car companies means a more diverse clientele for car shippers. Also, the Nano and cars like it might mean more cars being sold, as a new $2000 car might be in the budget as a second or third car in better-off families or as a first car for struggling families.

No-Stress Moving Tips

Everybody knows moving can be an unnecessary hassle. Most moving companies have inconsistent and often stressful rules and regulations. However, if you are moving out of a large city, a moving company can be a very helpful and convenient option.

Another alternative can be to use an independent company or person to help move vehicles and items through states and to your new home or office. If you live in a small area that doesn't have immediate moving services, try a local individual. You'd be surprised at how many honest, reliable people are willing to work with their hands, so to speak. These individuals are usually students with wanderers lust, or simply young people who love to travel and would be very happy to help you with your cause while able to travel and get paid!

Independent movers usually charge far less than traditional moving companies and you get the same respect and good-treatment of whatever you are moving.
Hiring a stranger may not appeal to everyone, but if you have a good sense of judgment and fun and are looking for a simplified way to move, this could very well be an excellent opportunity for you and a local traveler.

Heavy Haul Shipping

Heavy haul shipping can be a worry for many, if your load is over the desired weight not only will the price be a lot higher it will also need to be put into very experienced hands and that is where the heavy haul shipping companies come into play.

Your package could be a heavy load, gigantic or even extremely oversized and it will be put into the best care possible that is needed for heavy haul shipping. All you need to do is sort out all your information, insurance, the money involved and of course your destination which you want your load to be delivered to, then it is all down to the heavy haul shipping company.

More often than not your load will be transported by a truck especially used for sensitive oversized merchandise to get abroad. Depending on the load and destination the heavy haul shipping company will then give you a quote, this is the amount you will have to pay for the entire delivery process and its safe arrival in skilled hands.

It is very important that you have measured your merchandise carefully and accurately as depending on the size and weight in question it will need to be transported by the correct method, either with a certain size truck or flatbed. If you want to see your heavy load be transported and delivered in a quick, timely and of course safe manner then make sure you choose the best heavy haul shipping company today.

Sweet Haus Alabama

Daimler-Benz is moving production of its Mercedes C-class cars to a plant near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Given the weakness of the US dollar versus the Euro and the non-unionized nature of labor in the southern US, Alabama is now a low-cost production area as compared to Germany.

As a Kentucky resident, I shouldn’t fall prey to anti-southern stereotyping, but it seems a bit of an oxymoron to have an Alabama-built Mercedes; when I think of Tuscaloosa, I think of Bear Bryant, not luxury cars. One of the poorest and most reviled states in the union (George Wallace at the schoolhouse door and the Selma goonishness against civil rights protesters get queued up in the memory banks) gets this new luxury car business, but it is precisely that it is relatively poor that the plant is based there.

Tuscaloosa is right on I-20 and within a short drive of Atlanta’s transportation nexus. It is more centrally located than I would have thought at first glance. Car transporters will have an easy time getting around most of the eastern half of the country, with the I-65 corridor up to Chicago nearby in Birmingham; I-59 can hook them up with I-75 in Chattanooga and access Ohio and Michigan and points northeast.

More car production in the US means more cars being transported and a better balance of trade with the rest of the world. Transporters serving the East Coast ports where German imports would be disembarked may be disappointed, but transporters in flyover country will be happy.

Latest trend for selecting auto transporter, More conscious for auto transportation

Are you planning to transport your vehicle for a distant place? If your answers is ‘yes’, see the most common practice people are adopting for transporting their vehicles.

It is really difficult to select between an auto transport company and a broker. An auto broker or company proved good for your friend or relative may not be equally good for you. Both have their own benefits, so selection solely depends upon the nature of your requirement.

Good transporters like 'Momentum Transport' offer a wide spectrum of services to cater your specific needs. Generally the offices of transport companies are found far from your house. Though communication and getting the online quotes is not a big issue but in case of vehicle transportation every thing can't be settled just over the phones. So, the selected transporter must have a local representative. Face to face meeting with transporter’s representative helps to judge the best option available for your vehicle transport. Besides this, it is the best phase of the deal to use your negotiating talent.

Auto transport broker works as a bridge between you and a transport company. In most of the cases, they don’t tell you much about the transport company. Involvement of a nearby broker makes the entire deal less time consuming. Brokers can suggest alternative sources instantly because in general they represent more than one company. While dealing with a broker, you always remain in driver’s seat. The scope of referral business always works in your favor.

Nowadays, people prefer an auto transport company having a local broker near to their area to get the benefits of both.

Buying an eco-friendly car, How to switch to eco-friendliness

Every time you see the advertisement for environmental awareness, the pang of guilt brews up. It doesn’t get better when you see your oil hungry car in the garage. But do you know that you can still care for the environment: How?
Bio-diesel: If your car is running on diesel, you can shift to biodiesel. Biodiesel is nothing but a mixture of diesel and vegetable oil. So, you can switch between regular diesel and biodiesel. Also, you can alter your car to run on pure vegetable oil. Thus you have reduced emission, though you’ll be forced to change the filter often because of the smog.
Ethanol: This is a crop based fuel as ethanol is eight five percent ethanol and fifteen percent gasoline. The emission and the cost are lesser than for gasoline. Since it is a wheat based fuel it could be grown unlike oil. However it has come under the scanner as wheat used for human consumption are being diverted to produce ethanol.
Hybrid cars: People, who want an eco-friendly car, opt for hybrids as are aware of them from crafty advertisements. Hybrid cars capture the potential energy whenever the break is applied. This stored energy is then used whenever needed, saving on fuel. The mileage is good at about 50-60 miles per gallon and it can be fuelled like ordinary cars as they run on gasoline. However, they are expensive and options are limited.
Natural gas: Natural gas is, yes, a derivative of crude oil but comparatively the energy is cleaner and is better for the environment. You’d have seen many vehicles on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as it’s cheaper and a fuel to brag about-“Hey, I use a Car running on CNG”.
Bio-diesel, Ethanol, Hybrid cars, Natural gas, eco-friendly car

Stay safe and ship your vehicle with a honesty auto transport company.

Grandpa's Clunkers, Moving Inoperative Vehicles

My grandfather worked as an auto mechanic until a bad back had him shifting into car sales as his day job. However, he still kept his mechanic skills and started to use them more after he retired from the sales job.

One of his money-makers in retirement was to go to the car auctions and get a, say, $500 clunker, put $300 of parts into it and sell it for $2000. My first two cars were such refurbished clunkers given to me by Grandpa, so I didn’t have to make a car payment until I was well into my 30s after he passed on.

Moving such clunkers around can present a challenge. If a car is partly mobile, it can be rolled on and off a trailer, but cars that are immobile create a different challenge. Forklifts might be needed to move the car to and from the trailer rather than be rolled or winched onto a trailer; that’s going to have a tendency to damage the car. Such loading and unloading damage is at the risk of the car owner.

Momentum has an active inoperative vehicle transport, which can come in handy for folks like junk yards and used parts sellers, who will buy inoperative cars for their parts; other folks might buy one or more non-functioning cars at an auction, and like my Grandpa, nurse them back to health with the right repairs. What’s left of the Cash for Clunkers cars after the engines are trashed (by law, they have to be) are candidates for such a service as well.

However, not just everyone with a tow truck can move inoperative vehicle. Make sure to get a good shipper.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Canadian Snowbird Car Shipping, Doable Hoops to Jump

As we were traveling I-75 yesterday heading to my in-laws in Tennessee for Thanksgiving, I spotted a few RVs with Ontario plates heading south. While most American Grey-Crested Snowbirds on the move this weekend would wait until after Thanksgiving to head south, their Canadian counterparts have no such issue, since Canada does Thanksgiving in mid-October.

That begs the question-what are the specs for shipping a car “across the 49th?”

Here's the US customs page on the issue. There is no duty due for Canadian cars imported for personal use; it’s a surprisingly low 2.5% for cars from non-NAFTA countries. The key issue that the US seems to worry about is that the cars meet US safety and pollution standards; given that Canadian cars have similar standards, that is generally not a binding constraint for snowbirds.

One interesting point that the customs page points out is that cars being transported shouldn’t be used to ship other personal effects. Remember that the car is going through customs, and your shipper won’t want to have to catalog your underwear and socks along with the car proper. Also, since there will often be a number of checks along the way, there is the chance of your goods getting damaged or stolen in transit.

Canadian license plates are good for Canadian visitors; they don’t need extra licenses beyond the clearance to be imported. The same applies to Mexican cars as well.

While you’ll need an experienced shipper to make sure the paperwork gets done, shipping a car from Canada seems fairly straight-forward.

Family Road Trips, Preparation and Safety

It's that time of the year again. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years...all occasions that may have you making plans to take the family on the road to visit your loved ones. It is important to be organized and pack wisely for the trip, and to consider what new challenges the road can bring under these circumstances.

Staying up to date on your car's maintenance is the first step. Nothing spells a vacation disaster quite like car trouble does. If your car is serviced every 90 days or so, you should be prepared. If not, you may want to see a trustworthy mechanic. Regular oil changes and check ups are especially important, and you'll want to check your tire pressure, windshield wipers, and well as your car's fluid levels. Fluids include motor oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid, and most importantly...the anti-freeze. It is winter after all.

You may want to consider getting a roadside assistance program for the trip as well. Many insurance companies offer this, and it is especially useful if you intend to travel alone or with small children. And while it's unlikely in this day and age...if you lack a cell phone, now would be the perfect time to get one. Even if it's a prepaid pay-as-you-go emergency phone.

Be sure to pack an emergency travel kit, even if you come fully prepared there may be some unexpected delays in receiving help if you experience car trouble. This includes tools, first aid supplies, emergency rations, water, blankets, a flashlight (and batteries), flares, a tire gauge, jumper cables and a spare tire.

Then there's the driving. All you need to do is keep a few things in mind in order to ensure the safety of you and your family. Know your route and keep yourself informed of the possible weather conditions. There are websites that are an excellent source for this information. Be well fed and drink plenty - being under nourished can lead to fatigue and reduced alertness...a very bad state to be in with icy conditions. And probably most importantly - drive slowly, and ensure smooth operation of your vehicle by reading up on how to recover from sliding.

Be sure to take frequent rest stops as well, while it may hurt the time it takes to reach your loved ones, you can never be too safe!

Stay safe and ship your car with a auto transport company.

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Preparing Your Car For Auto Transport, Simple steps to ensure it's hassle free

Auto seems easy enough. You supply some papers, your car is loaded onto a carrier, and a few days later it arrives at the desired destination. But little did you know, the shipping process can be an ordeal for your car, and it's easy to forget everything you may need to get the process going fast and hassle free. Are you unsure of what steps you need to take before a company ships your vehicle? Here's a helpful guide:

• Carrying personal belongings in the vehicle is risky business. Not only are they usually not covered if lost or stolen, but doing this can actually damage the suspension of your car. If you must transport items this way, it's best to do so using the trunk and to limit it's weight.

• It's a very good idea to put your vehicle in for a tune-up prior to the shipping process. This includes checking the fluids. It is also wise to have your gas tank low (but not empty) before transport. About 1/4th of a tank would be ideal.

• Inspect your vehicle with the shipping company. All defects on the exterior and interior should be considered, and you should do a second inspection when you pick up your vehicle. Be sure to remove all loose objects in the car, as this can damage the interior!

• It seems like it should be common sense, but you'd be surprised how easily one can forget to disable the car alarm prior to transport.

• Another all-too-easily-forgotten bit of common sense - be sure you have a complete set of keys for yourself and the transport company prior to shipping.

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How Not to Transport Cars, A Funny Audi Ad

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this Audi ad should cover four posts worth, right? The guy drives one car a bit, walks back, drives a second car a bit, walks back, drives a third car a bit, walks back, and drives up an empty car-carrier truck.

Not everyone wants to ship their car. If they’re avid drivers, they’ll enjoy driving the car long distances; at least that’s what the Audi folks are aiming for here. The long, scenic cross-country drive in the snazzy new car is a staple in the car advertising biz, but this is an odd twist on that theme.

However, the ad has a hidden message that applies here. Driving multiple cars yourself is very inefficient. That’s why we have car carriers to get cars from place to place en masse.

Some car companies have programs where the new owners get to see their car come off the assembly line and drive it away brand-spanking new. However, most folks aren’t interested in going to get their new car that way and will want to have it shipped.

If you are going to have the car shipped, you’re going to hope you don’t get the driver in the Audi ad who will wind up test-driving your baby, not unlike the valet parking driver from Hades who takes your car for a joy ride before parking it. There are a lot of fly-by-night outfits doing car transport, and finding a reputable one like Momentum is important

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Helpful Tips for Car Shipping Inspection, Car shipping inspection

Car shipping is a valuable method of transporting a car to your desired destination. After deciding that the best option for transporting your car is by ship it is helpful to understand what this process entails. One of the important components is a physical car inspection. From this inspection a report will be written and the necessary documents will be composed. The car shipping company will carry out this inspection. This is a vital step in the process as it helps ensure the safety of your car. Having more information on this inspection will help you to take the necessary steps to make the inspection successful, fast and hassle free. You should set a suitable time for the inspection which is convenient for both yourself and the car shipping company. If the inspection is done during the day this is more convenient as daylight provides good lighting for the inspection. It is important for you to be present at the inspection of your car. This allows you to check that the inspection is being carried out correctly. Any damage to the car will be noted. This includes scratches and dents. It is also necessary for you to supply any additional information that may be needed. If you have added any special features to the car you should inform the car shipping company of these additions. These additions should either be removed or you should ensure that they are fixed securely to the car. If there is anything that will hinder shipping the car you should inform the shipping company. Allow ample time for the inspection. The car should be presented in a clean condition as this makes it easier to inspect. At the end of the inspection you will be required to sign the necessary documentation.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Car Shipping Versus Convoying, The Downside of driving it yourself

When my wife and I moved back from Florida to Michigan, we each drove our own cars back, with me following behind my wife's car. It was not a great experience, as it took an extra day to make the trip.

Since you don't get breaks behind the wheel, you can travel less in a day. A tag-team driver combo can drive 12-16 hours a day safely, depending on roads and temperament. However, if you're doing all the driving in your car, you (or your partner) could hit the wall much sooner. If one of you has had it at 6PM, that's going to be as far as you get that day. Thus, you might need to tack on an extra day's travel, with an extra day at a hotel and the meals on the road, to your travel costs.

Also, you'll be divided. If you don't have kids, you'll just have the radio/CD player for company, which makes the miles go slower. If you do have kids, you won't have the other spouse to keep the kid company while you're behind the wheel. That's going to leave you with extra stress at the end of the trip, and if you're starting a new job at the other end, you going to want to be as stress-free as possible.

Lastly, remember the cost of driving the car. Not only will you have to be paying for gas, but wear-and-tear on the car. If you have a 1500-mile move, that will eat up about 1% of the car’s life if we can expect a 150,000 mile lifetime; for a $20,000 car, that’s $200 plus the gas plus half an oil-change.

Shipping a car with Momentum might look pricey at first, but doing it yourself can be more costly, especially if you factor in the quality of the trip

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cheap Car Movers May Cost You!

Cheap car moves can save you a lot of money…or cost you far more than money. Sure they can transport your car for less money. But what are the risks? Will your car arrive at its destination in the same condition that it left your possession? Will it arrive in a timely manner? It’s important to do your homework about anyone you hire to move your car, whether it’s across town or across the country. Don’t pick an auto transporter just because offers the lowest price.

Shop around and ask a few questions. How much will it cost to move your car from one place to another is, of course, an important question. But is the auto transporter licensed, bonded, and insured? Do they comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s safety standards? What kind of equipment does the company use to load and unload cars? How long has the company been in business? Have any complaints been filed against them and what is their track record for safety? How will they handle any issues that might arise during the transportation of your vehicle? Have any of your friends, coworkers, or neighbors used their service and, if so, how did it work out?

Trust your instincts when querying auto transporters. Are they willing to answer your questions in simple terms or do they throw a lot of jargon at you? Are their answers respectful or do they treat you as if you should already know the answers to your questions? Attitude can tell you a lot.

Whether you’re moving the old family clunker or some exotic collectible vehicle, you want it to arrive at its destination safe and sound. So do your research on any company you’re considering. Ask questions and expect a successful move no matter how much or how little you pay.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Caretakers of your most valuable possession

Your car or truck - considered to be one of the most valuable possessions by most people. Our next-door neighbors have three BMWs, one for each family member. Every morning and evening I see one of them washing, polishing and waxing the cars – twice a day, everyday! I sometimes go for groceries and there they are in the driveway waxing the car. I return after 90mintues – and they are still polishing it! So you see anyone that handles your car should take care of it the way you do, thus should be a caretaker.

Nations Transport understands the role of a caretaker as one that acts differently than someone providing auto hauling. A caretaker goes to extensive lengths to ensure safety of your vehicle. It is this caretaker vision that drives Nations Transport in providing quality customer satisfaction. We believe that your car is not only an expensive possession; it is also part of the family. Our experienced and licensed drivers provide superior service in shipping your vehicle with care. The mission is to have a complaint free delivery. While shipping your auto in an enclosed transport, our carriers take great care to ensure that your car is protected from start to finish. Our drivers know the importance of care, and are trained to look after your vehicle as if it were their own.

So let Nations Transport take care of all you transport needs and treat your vehicle with the care it deserves.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Classic car shipping made easy

Classic car shipping has never been easier or more affordable, and now with new advancements in car shipping technology, you can even ship your classic car and not worry about damages to your car. However, there are certain pointers you should keep in mind. Regardless of all the developments in the car shipping industry, there are still dangers when shipping your car on an open transporter. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have an enclosed carrier to ship your vehicle. So it would be in your best interest to secure an enclosed carrier. An enclosed trailer will provide full protection to your vehicle from hazards on the road. This includes severe climatic conditions as well as hazardous road stuff that could get launched into your car (such as rocks and dirt, things of that nature). Another great pointer is to shop around for price quotes. What you pay for is what you get, so don’t go cheap when shipping your expensive car. Getting a cheaper shipper could mean not getting good quality. You want experts to handle your car with the care it deserves. Remember they bring their prices down just so they’ll book you, and then the it could take weeks to get your car on the road. So don’t shop for only cheap prices, look for quality service instead.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ideas needed on how to own an exotic car

It’s not just the automobile industry – everyone’s talking about it. The super-car world was recently surprised when Russia launched a new brand of sports cars, the very first Russian sports car Marussia (a popular pet female given Russian name and a play on the English word “Russia,” just to let readers know how it was named). When I saw it, I immediately started thinking of ways to own it. (a) win a lottery (cool.gif marry rich who’ll gift it to me ( c) somehow get a high-pay job that’ll and start saving for the next 60 years! While I was thinking about it all, I wondered about those who already own this car – or any similar, exotic looking cars.

Imagine if you possessed such beauty, you would want it to be handled in the best possible way. Such a collector’s item (like the Marussia), a sports car or a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or Corvettes, requires careful auto shipping You don’t need just anyone to deliver your vehicle. What you need are caretakers - experienced auto shipping companies like Nations Transport that are used to handling such beauties. The drivers are well-trained to make sure your car is not battered by hail, handled roughly, or brutally exploited. The biggest advantage are the enclosed trailers to ensure that your vehicle is completely protected from dust, weather, rocks or debris. Our trucks are equipped with a special lift gate for loading your automobile. Once your exotic car is loaded, it stays until delivered. So when you buy or have someone gift you a Marussia, make sure you get the pros to deliver your exotic car from Russia to the United States with care.

For car transport tips and additional information on Nations Transport, visit our website at

Online Car Transport Searching?

Searching online in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN is the easy part. The more challenging part is finding a reputable car transporter. So, what makes a good car transport website?

1. Finding the car transport website and contact information should be easy. A user web form is great but a contact page should have the car transport company’s physical or mailing address and a workable phone number.

2. Finding answers to your questions should not be like finding a needle in a haystack. A car transport company should at least have a FAQ page, About Us page and a Contact Page.

3. Avoid websites that haven’t been updated in awhile.

4. Type in the website name in the search engines to see what other people are saying about your car transporter. You can find out if a company should be avoided at all cost. Many customers will voice their opinion about a car shipping company on the Internet in website reviews.

5. Take a visit to You can do a quick background check on your car transport company. You can review any complaints that may be listed on the Better Business Bureau website.

These are just a few tips when searching online for an auto shipper. Do your homework and you will find the right company for you.....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shipping your car to the SEMA Show?

The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world (NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC). It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. As part of the AAIW, the SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from over 100 countries for unlimited profit opportunities in the automotive, truck and SUV, and RV markets. SEMA Show 2008 drew over 50,000 domestic and international buyers through two million square feet of exhibits. The displays are segmented into 12 sections, and a New Products Showcase featured nearly 2,000 newly introduced parts, tools and components. The SEMA Show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more…

A lot of cars will need to be transported to Las Vegas for this event. Before selecting a car transport company ,make sure you check their BBB rating. A lot of auto transport companies will say one thing and do another. The right car shipping company will have a A+ with the BBB and be able to answer all of your questions regarding your vehicle transport. You do not want your classic,exotic, or specialty car going to SEMA in the wrong hands.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Car Shipping Pick up Times, Waiting for the driver

When you schedule your vehicle shipment, a truck driver will be assigned the load by your carrier or broker. He or his dispatcher are asked by the broker to give you a call so that they can schedule a 1-2 hour window to meet you and load your car. On occassion; Hours, perhaps a day elapses without hearing from the driver. NO FAULT TO THE DRIVER, your car is usually 1 of 8 on his total haul. This represents seven other customers that he is also trying to cooridinate with. If 1 or more people don't answer their phones, the driver has no choice but to wait on them. Of course, this throws his schedule off. Out of courtesy to the customer, he wants to wait to set a time that he knows he will not change. Communication with your broker is key. A good one will make sure that your are in the loop.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Timing of transport

One of the most frustrating elements of shipping your vehicle for some would be transit time. Transit time is always an estimate and cannot ever be guaranteed. Anyone that guarantees a specific pick time will more then likely use terminals, which is not a service you want. Terminals are basically huge lots where cars are stored and wait till a carrier is hired to transport it. Once vehicles are taken to terminals the chances of damage to the vehicle is greatly increased.

Here is a good view of transit times once your vehicle is booked with a transport company. For across country transports the amount of time needed for transport will be b 10-12 days, for mid-America the time needed will be between 5-7 days, and for instate transports the time needed will be between 1-3 days. These times may very depending on the state to state. This is because some states have more carriers traveling through them compared to some others. Keep this information handy next time you want to transport you vehicle.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Auto Transport & Carrier Insurance

When choosing your auto transport company be sure they have the proper cargo insurance. Just because the carrier is a licensed, bonded auto shipper does not mean they have the proper insurance. Each carrier can have anywhere from twenty thousand dollars to a million dollars in cargo insurance. So, especially when transporting a classic or luxury automobile be sure the car carrier is insured to the proper amount. You can have the auto shipping company fax or email you their insurance certificate. The carrier will have their own on the truck and a broker should carry a umbrella policy.

At the end of the day, only properly licensed, bonded and reliable car shipment companies carry the proper insurance required to reimburse damage claims that happen on their watch. Keep out an eagle eye, however, as it may be buried in the fine print who is responsible for that dented fender which happened while being loaded onto the shipping truck. Don’t be afraid to take your time to read and ask questions. Do your due diligence.Having an A+ rating with the BBB should be on the top of your list for your car carrier.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do you Appreciate Truck Drivers

Whenever you go to the grocery store or to a department store or even to the gas station, do you ever stop to think about how the products you are purchasing were delivered there? Chances are that a truck delivered the shipment of goods so that you could get the supplies you needed.

Do you take truck drivers for granted?

Most people would be ashamed to admit that they take truck drivers for granted or have never even thought about it. Lets be honest, truck drivers and auto transport drivers do not have the best reputations. Just look at how they are depicted in movies and TV shows. The fact of the matter is, that someone has to transport various goods from one state to another; from one city to another. So, as much as we might complain about having to share the roads with trucks, let’s think about some ways that truck drivers help people like you and me everyday:

-Auto Transport- shipping cars to dealerships as well as shipping our personal vehicles every time we move.
-Delivering Furniture- Furniture stores receive deliveries via truck all the time, and state to state relocation.
-Construction- Construction supplies are delivered via truck so that houses, schools and government buildings can be constructed.
-Animals- Many farm animals are delivered via truck (i.e.cows, pigs, goats, sheep, etc.)
-Delivering Food- How else do you think food gets to the supermarket?
-Mail-how about those bills that are pilling up on the counter, ok, you may not like this one, but the BDay cards were on a large truck at some point.
-You should get the point by now, they pretty much deliver everything in everyday life....yes trains and planes deliver goods too.

So next time you see that large transport truck trying to change lanes, go ahead and let him over,and if you see an auto transport truck trying to pull in or out of a parking lot, stop and let him in or out...think about how hard driving can be sometimes in your car, now think if your car was 80 ft long and weighed 45,000 lbs.... transport drivers work very hard and are a very big part of how your everyday life works, whether you have ever stopped and thought about it or not is a different story.....lets just see if we can make it a little easier on MR. Truck Driver..........10-4

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should I buy vehicles out of state or locally?, Vehicle purchasing and transporting

Depending on your location, shopping online or out of state for your next new or preowned vehicle may be a favorable option. Some markets are better than others depending on the vehicle type, make and model. There is as much as a $2,500 to $5,000 difference in pricing on several "highline" vehicles from one region of the country to another. The same is true for used cars. Each dealership's business office should be able to provide the necessary documentation to allow you to transport the vehicle from one state to another and not have to pay the selling dealer's state' sales tax. Once you register the vehicle in your home state you would have to pay any DMV fees and sales taxes that time, based on the price from the selling dealer.
If you are able to save even $2,000 on the price of a vehicle and have it picked up at the dealership and shipped, door to door, to your home or office for even $800, then you can see the $1,200 savings just in the bottom line. This doesn't even take into account the flexibility you will have by being able to essentially have a nationwide inventory to choose from. This affords you a better chance at getting the exact color and options combination you prefer instead of being limited to your local dealers inventory.