Monday, November 30, 2009

Canadian Snowbird Car Shipping, Doable Hoops to Jump

As we were traveling I-75 yesterday heading to my in-laws in Tennessee for Thanksgiving, I spotted a few RVs with Ontario plates heading south. While most American Grey-Crested Snowbirds on the move this weekend would wait until after Thanksgiving to head south, their Canadian counterparts have no such issue, since Canada does Thanksgiving in mid-October.

That begs the question-what are the specs for shipping a car “across the 49th?”

Here's the US customs page on the issue. There is no duty due for Canadian cars imported for personal use; it’s a surprisingly low 2.5% for cars from non-NAFTA countries. The key issue that the US seems to worry about is that the cars meet US safety and pollution standards; given that Canadian cars have similar standards, that is generally not a binding constraint for snowbirds.

One interesting point that the customs page points out is that cars being transported shouldn’t be used to ship other personal effects. Remember that the car is going through customs, and your shipper won’t want to have to catalog your underwear and socks along with the car proper. Also, since there will often be a number of checks along the way, there is the chance of your goods getting damaged or stolen in transit.

Canadian license plates are good for Canadian visitors; they don’t need extra licenses beyond the clearance to be imported. The same applies to Mexican cars as well.

While you’ll need an experienced shipper to make sure the paperwork gets done, shipping a car from Canada seems fairly straight-forward.

Family Road Trips, Preparation and Safety

It's that time of the year again. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years...all occasions that may have you making plans to take the family on the road to visit your loved ones. It is important to be organized and pack wisely for the trip, and to consider what new challenges the road can bring under these circumstances.

Staying up to date on your car's maintenance is the first step. Nothing spells a vacation disaster quite like car trouble does. If your car is serviced every 90 days or so, you should be prepared. If not, you may want to see a trustworthy mechanic. Regular oil changes and check ups are especially important, and you'll want to check your tire pressure, windshield wipers, and well as your car's fluid levels. Fluids include motor oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid, and most importantly...the anti-freeze. It is winter after all.

You may want to consider getting a roadside assistance program for the trip as well. Many insurance companies offer this, and it is especially useful if you intend to travel alone or with small children. And while it's unlikely in this day and age...if you lack a cell phone, now would be the perfect time to get one. Even if it's a prepaid pay-as-you-go emergency phone.

Be sure to pack an emergency travel kit, even if you come fully prepared there may be some unexpected delays in receiving help if you experience car trouble. This includes tools, first aid supplies, emergency rations, water, blankets, a flashlight (and batteries), flares, a tire gauge, jumper cables and a spare tire.

Then there's the driving. All you need to do is keep a few things in mind in order to ensure the safety of you and your family. Know your route and keep yourself informed of the possible weather conditions. There are websites that are an excellent source for this information. Be well fed and drink plenty - being under nourished can lead to fatigue and reduced alertness...a very bad state to be in with icy conditions. And probably most importantly - drive slowly, and ensure smooth operation of your vehicle by reading up on how to recover from sliding.

Be sure to take frequent rest stops as well, while it may hurt the time it takes to reach your loved ones, you can never be too safe!

Stay safe and ship your car with a auto transport company.

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Preparing Your Car For Auto Transport, Simple steps to ensure it's hassle free

Auto seems easy enough. You supply some papers, your car is loaded onto a carrier, and a few days later it arrives at the desired destination. But little did you know, the shipping process can be an ordeal for your car, and it's easy to forget everything you may need to get the process going fast and hassle free. Are you unsure of what steps you need to take before a company ships your vehicle? Here's a helpful guide:

• Carrying personal belongings in the vehicle is risky business. Not only are they usually not covered if lost or stolen, but doing this can actually damage the suspension of your car. If you must transport items this way, it's best to do so using the trunk and to limit it's weight.

• It's a very good idea to put your vehicle in for a tune-up prior to the shipping process. This includes checking the fluids. It is also wise to have your gas tank low (but not empty) before transport. About 1/4th of a tank would be ideal.

• Inspect your vehicle with the shipping company. All defects on the exterior and interior should be considered, and you should do a second inspection when you pick up your vehicle. Be sure to remove all loose objects in the car, as this can damage the interior!

• It seems like it should be common sense, but you'd be surprised how easily one can forget to disable the car alarm prior to transport.

• Another all-too-easily-forgotten bit of common sense - be sure you have a complete set of keys for yourself and the transport company prior to shipping.

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How Not to Transport Cars, A Funny Audi Ad

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this Audi ad should cover four posts worth, right? The guy drives one car a bit, walks back, drives a second car a bit, walks back, drives a third car a bit, walks back, and drives up an empty car-carrier truck.

Not everyone wants to ship their car. If they’re avid drivers, they’ll enjoy driving the car long distances; at least that’s what the Audi folks are aiming for here. The long, scenic cross-country drive in the snazzy new car is a staple in the car advertising biz, but this is an odd twist on that theme.

However, the ad has a hidden message that applies here. Driving multiple cars yourself is very inefficient. That’s why we have car carriers to get cars from place to place en masse.

Some car companies have programs where the new owners get to see their car come off the assembly line and drive it away brand-spanking new. However, most folks aren’t interested in going to get their new car that way and will want to have it shipped.

If you are going to have the car shipped, you’re going to hope you don’t get the driver in the Audi ad who will wind up test-driving your baby, not unlike the valet parking driver from Hades who takes your car for a joy ride before parking it. There are a lot of fly-by-night outfits doing car transport, and finding a reputable one like Momentum is important

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Helpful Tips for Car Shipping Inspection, Car shipping inspection

Car shipping is a valuable method of transporting a car to your desired destination. After deciding that the best option for transporting your car is by ship it is helpful to understand what this process entails. One of the important components is a physical car inspection. From this inspection a report will be written and the necessary documents will be composed. The car shipping company will carry out this inspection. This is a vital step in the process as it helps ensure the safety of your car. Having more information on this inspection will help you to take the necessary steps to make the inspection successful, fast and hassle free. You should set a suitable time for the inspection which is convenient for both yourself and the car shipping company. If the inspection is done during the day this is more convenient as daylight provides good lighting for the inspection. It is important for you to be present at the inspection of your car. This allows you to check that the inspection is being carried out correctly. Any damage to the car will be noted. This includes scratches and dents. It is also necessary for you to supply any additional information that may be needed. If you have added any special features to the car you should inform the car shipping company of these additions. These additions should either be removed or you should ensure that they are fixed securely to the car. If there is anything that will hinder shipping the car you should inform the shipping company. Allow ample time for the inspection. The car should be presented in a clean condition as this makes it easier to inspect. At the end of the inspection you will be required to sign the necessary documentation.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Car Shipping Versus Convoying, The Downside of driving it yourself

When my wife and I moved back from Florida to Michigan, we each drove our own cars back, with me following behind my wife's car. It was not a great experience, as it took an extra day to make the trip.

Since you don't get breaks behind the wheel, you can travel less in a day. A tag-team driver combo can drive 12-16 hours a day safely, depending on roads and temperament. However, if you're doing all the driving in your car, you (or your partner) could hit the wall much sooner. If one of you has had it at 6PM, that's going to be as far as you get that day. Thus, you might need to tack on an extra day's travel, with an extra day at a hotel and the meals on the road, to your travel costs.

Also, you'll be divided. If you don't have kids, you'll just have the radio/CD player for company, which makes the miles go slower. If you do have kids, you won't have the other spouse to keep the kid company while you're behind the wheel. That's going to leave you with extra stress at the end of the trip, and if you're starting a new job at the other end, you going to want to be as stress-free as possible.

Lastly, remember the cost of driving the car. Not only will you have to be paying for gas, but wear-and-tear on the car. If you have a 1500-mile move, that will eat up about 1% of the car’s life if we can expect a 150,000 mile lifetime; for a $20,000 car, that’s $200 plus the gas plus half an oil-change.

Shipping a car with Momentum might look pricey at first, but doing it yourself can be more costly, especially if you factor in the quality of the trip

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cheap Car Movers May Cost You!

Cheap car moves can save you a lot of money…or cost you far more than money. Sure they can transport your car for less money. But what are the risks? Will your car arrive at its destination in the same condition that it left your possession? Will it arrive in a timely manner? It’s important to do your homework about anyone you hire to move your car, whether it’s across town or across the country. Don’t pick an auto transporter just because offers the lowest price.

Shop around and ask a few questions. How much will it cost to move your car from one place to another is, of course, an important question. But is the auto transporter licensed, bonded, and insured? Do they comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s safety standards? What kind of equipment does the company use to load and unload cars? How long has the company been in business? Have any complaints been filed against them and what is their track record for safety? How will they handle any issues that might arise during the transportation of your vehicle? Have any of your friends, coworkers, or neighbors used their service and, if so, how did it work out?

Trust your instincts when querying auto transporters. Are they willing to answer your questions in simple terms or do they throw a lot of jargon at you? Are their answers respectful or do they treat you as if you should already know the answers to your questions? Attitude can tell you a lot.

Whether you’re moving the old family clunker or some exotic collectible vehicle, you want it to arrive at its destination safe and sound. So do your research on any company you’re considering. Ask questions and expect a successful move no matter how much or how little you pay.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Caretakers of your most valuable possession

Your car or truck - considered to be one of the most valuable possessions by most people. Our next-door neighbors have three BMWs, one for each family member. Every morning and evening I see one of them washing, polishing and waxing the cars – twice a day, everyday! I sometimes go for groceries and there they are in the driveway waxing the car. I return after 90mintues – and they are still polishing it! So you see anyone that handles your car should take care of it the way you do, thus should be a caretaker.

Nations Transport understands the role of a caretaker as one that acts differently than someone providing auto hauling. A caretaker goes to extensive lengths to ensure safety of your vehicle. It is this caretaker vision that drives Nations Transport in providing quality customer satisfaction. We believe that your car is not only an expensive possession; it is also part of the family. Our experienced and licensed drivers provide superior service in shipping your vehicle with care. The mission is to have a complaint free delivery. While shipping your auto in an enclosed transport, our carriers take great care to ensure that your car is protected from start to finish. Our drivers know the importance of care, and are trained to look after your vehicle as if it were their own.

So let Nations Transport take care of all you transport needs and treat your vehicle with the care it deserves.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Classic car shipping made easy

Classic car shipping has never been easier or more affordable, and now with new advancements in car shipping technology, you can even ship your classic car and not worry about damages to your car. However, there are certain pointers you should keep in mind. Regardless of all the developments in the car shipping industry, there are still dangers when shipping your car on an open transporter. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have an enclosed carrier to ship your vehicle. So it would be in your best interest to secure an enclosed carrier. An enclosed trailer will provide full protection to your vehicle from hazards on the road. This includes severe climatic conditions as well as hazardous road stuff that could get launched into your car (such as rocks and dirt, things of that nature). Another great pointer is to shop around for price quotes. What you pay for is what you get, so don’t go cheap when shipping your expensive car. Getting a cheaper shipper could mean not getting good quality. You want experts to handle your car with the care it deserves. Remember they bring their prices down just so they’ll book you, and then the it could take weeks to get your car on the road. So don’t shop for only cheap prices, look for quality service instead.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ideas needed on how to own an exotic car

It’s not just the automobile industry – everyone’s talking about it. The super-car world was recently surprised when Russia launched a new brand of sports cars, the very first Russian sports car Marussia (a popular pet female given Russian name and a play on the English word “Russia,” just to let readers know how it was named). When I saw it, I immediately started thinking of ways to own it. (a) win a lottery (cool.gif marry rich who’ll gift it to me ( c) somehow get a high-pay job that’ll and start saving for the next 60 years! While I was thinking about it all, I wondered about those who already own this car – or any similar, exotic looking cars.

Imagine if you possessed such beauty, you would want it to be handled in the best possible way. Such a collector’s item (like the Marussia), a sports car or a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or Corvettes, requires careful auto shipping You don’t need just anyone to deliver your vehicle. What you need are caretakers - experienced auto shipping companies like Nations Transport that are used to handling such beauties. The drivers are well-trained to make sure your car is not battered by hail, handled roughly, or brutally exploited. The biggest advantage are the enclosed trailers to ensure that your vehicle is completely protected from dust, weather, rocks or debris. Our trucks are equipped with a special lift gate for loading your automobile. Once your exotic car is loaded, it stays until delivered. So when you buy or have someone gift you a Marussia, make sure you get the pros to deliver your exotic car from Russia to the United States with care.

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Online Car Transport Searching?

Searching online in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN is the easy part. The more challenging part is finding a reputable car transporter. So, what makes a good car transport website?

1. Finding the car transport website and contact information should be easy. A user web form is great but a contact page should have the car transport company’s physical or mailing address and a workable phone number.

2. Finding answers to your questions should not be like finding a needle in a haystack. A car transport company should at least have a FAQ page, About Us page and a Contact Page.

3. Avoid websites that haven’t been updated in awhile.

4. Type in the website name in the search engines to see what other people are saying about your car transporter. You can find out if a company should be avoided at all cost. Many customers will voice their opinion about a car shipping company on the Internet in website reviews.

5. Take a visit to You can do a quick background check on your car transport company. You can review any complaints that may be listed on the Better Business Bureau website.

These are just a few tips when searching online for an auto shipper. Do your homework and you will find the right company for you.....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Shipping your car to the SEMA Show?

The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world (NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC). It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. As part of the AAIW, the SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from over 100 countries for unlimited profit opportunities in the automotive, truck and SUV, and RV markets. SEMA Show 2008 drew over 50,000 domestic and international buyers through two million square feet of exhibits. The displays are segmented into 12 sections, and a New Products Showcase featured nearly 2,000 newly introduced parts, tools and components. The SEMA Show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more…

A lot of cars will need to be transported to Las Vegas for this event. Before selecting a car transport company ,make sure you check their BBB rating. A lot of auto transport companies will say one thing and do another. The right car shipping company will have a A+ with the BBB and be able to answer all of your questions regarding your vehicle transport. You do not want your classic,exotic, or specialty car going to SEMA in the wrong hands.