Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Car Haulers in Connecticut

Transport drivers and car shipping firms planning on providing transport services in the beautiful American state of Connecticut during the miles ahead will be interested in the news that transport drivers operating in Connecticut have asked for a study to be conducted on the use of corrosive de-icers on the roads and highways of the state of Connecticut. The lawmakers in Connecticut will be listening to testimony on a bill on the use of de-icers on the transport roads and highways of the state in the days ahead. The Motor Transport Association of Connecticut thinks it would be a good idea for the Department of Transportation commissioner to start a study into the corrosive effects of the mixture of liquid calcium chloride and salt that was first used on the vehicle transport roads and highways of Connecticut during the winter months of 2006 and 2007, according to sources.

Sources close to the transport drivers asking for this study indicate that several transport drivers are planning on showing up for a planned public meeting on this affair with damaged truck parts to show people that will be on hand the kind of damage this practice can do to a heavy-duty transport truck used for express auto transport on the roads and highways of the state of Connecticut.

The state of Connecticut was one of the last states to switch over from using a sand/salt mix to a salt/chemical mixture, according to sources at the Department of Transport, and the agency is pleased with the results of the change, so far, and few complaints have been received about the use of liquid calcium chloride and salt on the transport roads of the nation.

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