Friday, March 11, 2011

Ship Cars in a Hino Truck

Auto transport services in the United States of America on hand for the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis this week will be taking a look at the first U.S. diesel-electric Class 4-5 Class Hybrid Hino Trucks. Hino Trucks will now offer the 155 model in a diesel configuration in the Class 4 market and the first ever United States Class 4 diesel-electric hybrid model, called the 155h, according to the people over at Hino Trucks. In the Class 5 market used by national vehicle shipping services Hino Trucks now offers the diesel-powered 195 model and the 195h diesel-electric hybrid trucks, exciting additions to the current line of Hino Trucks, according to company officials and some transport drivers that have driven a Hino truck before.

These Hino Trucks come with a proven 5-liter Hino J0 5E Series engine rated at 210 horsepower and 440 lb ft of torque, along with the Aisin A465 6-speed automatic transmission and features designed and engineered to make North American truck drivers smile, according to Hino Trucks. The cab is also designed to provide visibility and be aerodynamic and features an angled windshield, narrow A-pillars and rounded-radius curves. This design provides plenty of stretching room for drivers as tall as 6 ft 6 inches, seating for up to three people and provides a versatile mobile workspace that can be used for a variety of jobs.

This is interesting news for car hauling firms and drivers in the United States of America that have been thinking about transport vehicles using hybrid diesel-electric drive systems and the possibility that this idea could help enhance transport services and save money during the miles ahead. You can get a look at the latest Hino Trucks by stopping by the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis this week and talking to the people on hand about these trucks.

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