Monday, March 14, 2011

So-Cal Training for Enclosed Auto Transport

Transport drivers in the auto shipping business that have previously taken Hendrickson's So-Cal training sessions will be interested in the news that the company has scheduled its next round of technical suspension training for heavy-duty transport industry of the United States of America. This round will be the eighth edition of the Hendrickson Vehicle Suspension Institute for drivers operating car carriers to take part in and according to previous drivers that took part in the training sessions the training provided is essential to the job of delivering vehicles on time and budget as we enter the second decade of the century of the environment in the United States of America.

Two sessions will be held from April 26, 2011 though to April 29, 2011 at the Universal Technical Institute in Rancho Cucamonga, California. These two training sessions will be hands-on training covering the Primaax and Haulmaax suspensions as well as the new Composilite SC lift axle, according to Hendrickson. The feedback on these training programs has also been good, according to Hendrickson, and they intend on training as many technicians during the miles ahead in America in order to help keep transport vehicles in the enclosed car shipping business on the roads and moving to destination on time and budget.

Over 270 transport technicians from around North America took part in the previous seven editions of the HVSI program, according to sources, in training sessions that took part in Chicago, Canton, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. They expect even more to show up for training this time and if your technicians need training in suspensions for heavy-duty transport vehicles you should probably take part.

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