Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vehicle Shippers in Texas

National car transport drivers out on the transport roads and highways of the beautiful American state of Texas on a daily basis that like to stop at TravelCenters of America locations along their transport route will be interested in the latest TravelCenters of America news. TravelCenters of America has bought Willie's Place in Carl's Corner, Texas after a recent auction, for $6.4 million that's probably a good investment considering the amenities on hand at the location and recent history of the location, according to transport industry experts and some drivers in the business of controlling car shipping prices out on the transport roads and highways of Texas on a daily basis during the last few miles.

Willie's Place is named after legendary country singer Willie Nelson and includes a truckstop and entertainment complex located on 15 acres of land just off of I-35 that officially opened for business back in 2009. Located on site are 12 fueling lanes for car transport service vehicles to use, two restaurants to eat in, a convenience store, saloon, gift shop and 500-seat theater with live music to enjoy during down time. You'll also find friendly people on site to help you and provide you with everything you need to take care of all of your needs and help get you back out on the road moving vehicles to destination on time and budget.

There hasn't been any announcement by TravelCenters of America about any specifics concerning Willie's Place and any changes that might be coming down the highway during the miles ahead for the newest location for this company. We certainly expect to hear more during the days and weeks ahead about any changes that the company might be thinking about making to the location. Hopefully, they enhance the services and environment on hand for transport drivers that stop in and this newest location begins making the profit it was always expected to make.


  1. I just happen to be an auto transport company located in Texas and this state has some of the best scenery.

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  3. Interesting. I also have a Houston-based auto transport company. Houston is a great city, 4th-largest in the country and one of most diverse nationwide.