Friday, March 4, 2011

Enclosed Auto Transport Hours of Service

Transport firms and auto shipping drivers out on the transport roads and highways of the nation taking cars to destination on time and budget will be interested in the latest news concerning the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Hours-Of-Service proposal. A bipartisan group of American Congressmen and Senators recently called for the Obama administration to abandon current plans for the controversial Hours-Of-Service proposal. Instead, the group wants to current administration to keep the current safety rules concerning the Hours-Of-Service being implemented by car transport companies in America, since according to this group the current rules are working fine, and there's currently no need to make changes.

According to this group, since the current rules were put in place seven years ago, the transportation industry's safety performance has improved at a very high rate. In addition, during the past seven years on the transport roads and highways of the United States of America, the number of deaths and accidents involving heavy-duty transport trucks, including car carriers, has gone down to new lows, and the trucking industry is hauling more goods than ever before.

At the same time this group points out, the proposed Hours-Of-Service changes could force firms to put more trucks on the transport roads and highways of the nation, in order to deliver the same volume of cargo. This fact would mean there would be more trucks on the roads on average and would increase the final cost of transporting goods, according to the politicians making up this bipartisan group. Definitely a possibility that the current administration should probably take a look at, before implementing the current plans to change the Hours-of-Service rules and regulations of the nation, according to some transport drivers and firms looking at this news.

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