Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Car Hauling Using Medium Duty Transports

National auto transport firms looking at the current generation of medium and heavy-duty truck dealers they deal with on a yearly basis and thinking the current generation will soon be retiring, or passing on the torch to a younger generation will be interested in the latest news concerning the development of a younger generation of dealers during the miles ahead in the United States of America. The American Truck Dealers Association has announced the start of a new program during the miles ahead aimed at developing the next generation of medium and heavy-duty truck dealers you'll be dealing with, called Next Generation ATD.

This new program is set to launch during the ATD Convention and Expo being held in Phoenix, Arizona from April 15-18, according to sources in the vehicle shipping industry of the United States of America, and will help develop a new generation of medium and heavy-duty truck dealers that will be needed during the years ahead. It will also help truck dealerships with retiring baby boomers find replacements to run their dealerships during the decades ahead in the United States of America and transport firms that ship cars for a living continue to purchase the transport vehicles they'll need in the future to deliver cars on time and budget, according to many transport experts looking at this news.

The American Trucking Association welcomes all ATD members currently transitioning ownership of a dealership to their children, or recent NADA-ATD Academy graduates in truck dealership positions to join this new program. This new program could be just the thing your truck dealership needs to make sure the transition to a younger generation is handled in an efficient way during the miles ahead.


  1. My auto transport rig is a larger rig and the maintenance on it is quite expensive. Maybe I should have a second smaller rig too.

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